Meeting Minutes January 2016


1) Lauren Melgoza (preservation dept liaison)

2) Memory Apata (paddock library liaison)


Programming Committee:

Bruce Weidrick - plans for a music contest are in play. Need advertising for a music event - must fill up teams. We have dozens of board games.

Eric Ticehurst will organize this event- potentially in Carson 61 (Bruce will look into location)

Reminder- Tracey is no longer on the Programming Committee, and we remain very thankful for all of her contributions.


Treasurer's Report 

- everything on track.

There were questions regarding the continuation of funds, with Jeff's departure in mind. Rick planned to follow up.

-Brenda since relayed there are no changes to current procedures.

-Dave suggested a 'winged victory' statue/trophy, keeping in mind Jeff's background in Art History. Dave will circulate a link.

-Rick to ask about Jeff's availability for a party, we want to coordinate with other events and recognize all the years of his support.


Scholarship Committee -

$400 in scholarships given out.


Social Committee - no complaints from the holiday party. It went well and was a success.

Classic Catering was a great choice again. They go above and beyond, many compliments.

Some retirees contact info needs to be updated, Marianne to communicate with Brenda.


Welfare Committee

-additional flowers for Joe Wright who is still out. Policy on additional flowers discussed briefly.


Marketing & Website Committee

- none


Finance Committee

- none


Archives Committee

- yearbook Omni Update going away  - waiting for a new application for webpages. Any implementation has been delayed and Dennis Grady suggested pausing further development until new system in place.

However, we all agreed that Emily and Archives could continue building all the great work, and we could link to it later.

-Holiday party reports

-Winter events brainstorming


Improvements to the BB staff room clean up. Discussion of the history of cleaning the staff room - very serious concerns. The Board examined possibilities and updating the cleaning schedule. Looking into the ant problem and touching base with interested parties about a cleaning rotation.
As an organization, we have been tasked with the cleaning and maintenance of this shared space. The cleaning rotation chart needs to be updated, offering a good opportunity to discuss a new approach.

Rick will attempt to get a few minutes at an LMG meeting; reach out to Dept-heads; consider a reminder to library staff; consider removing microwaves and toasters; pay to clean prior to library-wide events; remind FO&M to clean the KAF storage space; consider paying someone to clean (although, if we take this route, we would send equal funds to each library break room). 

If 100 people use the BB break room and it cost $60 per month, that equals $0.60 per person. With this math, we could send that amount (per person) to each library break room. -All thoughts to consider.


Brainstorm Winter:

Spelling bee

Bingo book (winning funds go to Haven?)

Pie day

Arbor Day; one for all


Send Rick any agenda items. Next meeting- Feb 16th