December 2015 Meeting Minutes

DCLSA minutes


Present:  Rick Hansen, Emily Wheeler, Tracey Dugdale, Barbara Sterling, Mary Bingman, Curtis Hill, Goodie Corriveau, Dennis Brown, Greg Potter, Jane Quigley (recorder),

  1. Holiday card making event report (Emily).  This was a very successful event; registration for the first session filled up almost immediately, so a second session was added which also attracted some attendees.  For the next DCLSA activity in January, board games are planned; this will start up in mid-January as a weekly, informal event and run as long as people are interested.  Emily arranged for the purchase of 10-12 board games in all.  For March, a session with gardener Henry Homeyer is planned for March 8th at noon; the cost will be $300.  He sent a list of possible topics:
    1. Great flowers in VT & NH
    2. Better plants without chemicals
    3. Growing great vegetables in 15 minutes a day
    4. Beyond perennials
    5. Invasive plants and suitable substitutes

We brainstormed possible February activities, especially ideas linked to Valentine’s Day.  We will ask Loey for ideas around another card-making event, but don’t want to overdo this.  There may be other possibilities.

  1. Craft fair update.  Greg shared the survey results (attached); overall, responses to the survey were positive.  Vendors seemed generally happy with the fee structure. Logistics, set-up, take-down all went incredibly smoothly.  Marketing is still a challenge; we’ll continue to work on this, but it seems like there was a lot of publicity, so it’s not clear what more we can do. The location in the Hopkins is challenging, not very visible and they are pretty restrictive about advertising out front.  The date (just before Thanksgiving) has always been traditional but we can consider tweaking, also the time.  Collis might be a slightly more flexible space, but it would be crowded.  We decided to book for a date at the end of October, and cancel it if we decide to stay with the traditional date in November. 
  2. The holiday party was a great success.  Feedback was positive, even the long line didn’t bother people because they get to chat.  Single line through the serving line, but it seemed to go just as quickly.  Next year another folding table might be useful.  We discussed the possibility of changing the venue – Tower Room, DOC House, Hanover Inn – to change the tone of the event, - maybe a little more festive/formal.  We could serve appetizers and hors d’oeuvres, rather than a sit-down meal.  We will continue to discuss.
  3. Committee reports:
  • Scholarships (Sandberg, reported by email) – there were some scholarship requests, $120 for three scholarships.
  • Programming – (Emily Wheeler) (see above, section #1)
  • Treasurers – (Barbara Sterling) – distributed YTD report. 
  • Welfare – (Julie, not present) no report was submitted, but we noted that a few individuals received flowers.
  • Marketing & Website Committee – (Curtis Hill) Curtis asked whether the Treasurer’s report should be posted on the website; consensus was yes, but behind authentication.  Dennis Grady will help set that up.  Curtis reported that he posted information about the Craft Fair and about the Holiday Cards event in several places, - on the website and an email announcement; also a Facebook event was created and shared widely for the Craft Fair.  He also publicized the food drive and the Toys for Tots drive. He noted that next year we should consider printing handmade invitations to the holiday party for retirees … Sarah Smith in Book Arts is glad to do this but needs a month or so notice.  Curtis also made a suggestion about occasionally promoting other organizations’ events, such as the Montshire or the Howe Library; both sides could benefit from some reciprocal publicity.
  • Archives (Wheeler) – some updates are on hold waiting for the Drupal transition.  She will be getting photos of the holiday party from Greg.