DCLSA Meeting 8/19/14

DCLSA Meeting 8/19/14 - 2:00pm Baker 152

In attendance: Dennis Brown, Shirley Zhao, April Hayden, David Sandberg, Goodie Corriveau, Tracey Dugdale, Emily Wheeler, Rick Hansen, Bruce Wiedrick, Greg Potter, Marianne Densmore, Barbara Sterling, Rosie Vanasse, Richard Miller

The minutes of the July 15, 2014 meeting were approved.

Committee Reports:

Program Committee

Bruce Wiedrick reported that 29 individuals had signed up to participate in the golf tournament, so registration is now closed, and the majority have paid their entrance fee.
Various activities are being considered being incorporated into play, such as a mulligan (a stroke that is replayed from the spot of the previous stroke without penalty), randomly chosen strings to determine the distance of the ball from the hole, putting with a driver, etc. Rick will verify our reservation with Carter Golf Club. Andrea is organizing giveaways, and Tracey's husband is fabricating a trophy.
Thanks to Bruce, Emily, Andrea, Rick, and Tracey's husband for their efforts in organizing the Golf Tournament.

Tracey reported on upcoming events:
September—Tag on the Green
October--A tour of the outdoor sculpture on the campus conducted by a Hood Museum staffer
November—DC Riding Center in Etna
December—A Book Arts demonstration on poster printing

Tracey noted that monthly events are in the planning stage through July 2015. The outside events will cost money, the remainder are on campus and free.

Social Committee

Greg Potter said about 50% of the craft fair spaces have been reserved, which is good three months out. This is a 25% increase since the last DCLSA meeting.

Greg will investigate if other loading in and out options will need to be explored, and he will send a duplicate copy of the registration file to Richard for safekeeping.

Service Awards Banquet -- Gift certificates for Dartmouth Bookstore or Salt Hill Pub (recipient's choice) will be given to those honored at the Service Awards Banquet on Thursday, August 28. Gift certificates will total $370.

The Social Committee (Greg, April, and Marianne) will coordinate contacting each honoree to determine which gift they would like as well as the purchase of the gifts.

The menu will be wraps from EBA, green salad, fruit, and cake.

David Sandberg suggested verifying the booking of 1902 Room for the Service Awards banquet with Jeff Horrell.

Sarah Thompson will present the Sarah Jo Buckingham Award to the next recipient, thus establishing the practice of the previous recipient presenting the award to the next recipient.

David offered to pick up flowers for the Service Awards Banquet from the Co-Op.
Greg said a proposal to re-name the Social Committee will be forthcoming.

Scholarship Committee

David reported that one scholarship was given in the past month.

Marketing Committee

Mary Bingman tabulated the votes for the design for the new DCSLA mug. The membership voted Brian Stone's design—an image of a literate and coordinated green frog (Rana clamitans melanota) walking and carrying a stack of books in one hand and reading a book in another under the letters "DCLSA"—the winner. A question was raised about the origin of the pine-tree motif on the right side of the design. Some thought it was a generic and original motif, but it was recommended that the tree be investigated to determine if it may represent a potential copyright infringement.April Hayden circulated 4 samples of three covered drinking mugs for consideration: a sleek stainless one; a mug wrapped in a squishy yellow material; a white plastic one that was too tall; and a white plastic mug that was rejected immediately because it is not microwave and dishwasher safe. The consensus was the white one, with its ingenious stopper mechanism, was preferred—but in a 16 oz. size. A motion to accept the 16 oz. white mug was made, seconded, and approved.

The best price of the finished mugs is $4.50 each. A discussion ensued about whether they should be given to all members or only to new employees as has been done traditionally. It was suggested that 500 be ordered so more won't need to be ordered for some time. Rick noted that the cost of 500 mugs would be over $2,000. This encouraged reflection on the part of all present, leading to a discussion of the pros and cons of giving the mugs to all employees or only new hires.

A motion to request that the Marketing Committee investigate the number of mugs that should be ordered and report back was made, seconded, and approved.

Welfare Committee

Barbara Sterling reported that one birth and four injuries/surgeries were acknowledged by the Welfare Committee.
Barb Bushor expressed her thanks to DCLSA for its consideration.

Finance Committee

Barbara reported that the DCLSA has an account balance of $10,675.00. More income is forthcoming from the Golf Tournament and the Craft Fair.

Things to think about:

Dennis shared some figures the Executive Committee discussed regarding the money that should be budgeted for various programs. He noted that these numbers will probably need to be revised, but it would be very useful for each Committee to have a budget for guidance, a recommendation that Tracey seconded.

Richard Miller, Secretary