September 2013

DCLSA Meeting – 9/30/2013 – 1:30pm

In attendance: Dave Sandberg, Emily Woodall, Dennis Brown, Rick Hansen, Rosie Vanasse, Greg Potter, Rick Hansen, Barb Krieger, Goodie Corriveau, Phyllis Nemhauser, Alison Eakin


Dennis suggested that Mondays and Fridays are not good days for DCLSA meetings because many members do not work those days. Dave agreed and stated that he try to always schedule meetings on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays in the future. Everyone is asked to send Dave an email with suggested meeting times so that we can try to accommodate everyone in the future.

Dave brought up the issue of signatory powers on the bank account. Currently, only Anthony (Treasurer) has signatory power. In the past, Cheryl Wheelock created a policy that the Vice President should also have signatory power so that we have a backup to the Treasurer. This has not been the practice recently. Dennis, as VP, does not feel it would be necessary for him to have this power since he does not do any spending. Dave suggested giving signatory power to the head of the Social Committee since that person does the majority of the spending (it was also brought up that the head of the Welfare Committee does much of the spending as well). Phyllis suggested we ask the finance committee what they would suggest or that we allow the Treasurer to appoint a second signatory. Anyone is welcome to send their opinions on this matter to Dave and we will discuss this further at a future meeting.

Dave would like us all to come up with some fresh ideas for events and programming. Ideas that were suggested:

  • Square dance and cookout
  • Poetry/literature reading and lunch
  • Muffin/Bagel baskets delivered to break rooms
  • Lemonade stand

We are asked to continue coming up with ideas and send them to Dave.

Committee Reports

Craft Fair: Greg reported that we have as many venders registered this year as we did last year. Everything is on track. The craft fair committee will collaborate with the marketing committee on advertising for the event. Greg will look into hiring musicians/DJ.

Social: Sarah sent a report with her reflections on the awards banquet. She commented that we had more than enough time for setting up and that we could easily start the process later next year. She also felt that the room set up worked well for the function. It was decided that the amount of food purchased was sufficient. We also discussed ways to better handle photographing the event, such as asking award recipients whether or not they would like a photo taken with Jeff or offering a group photo at the end rather than taking individual photos.

Marketing: Mary Bingman and April Hayden are collaborating with Rick to create posters/advertisements for the Craft Fair. Rick will post the finished products on the Facebook page and DCLSA website. We discussed various deadlines for advertising and submitting information about the craft fair to the Valley News/web calendars. We also discussed creating postcards to send to the participants so that the can distribute them at other craft fairs and events prior to our event. Rick will follow up with the Valley News about posting an advertisement the day before the fair. Barb has resources for free advertisement and will follow up with those (listservs etc.)

Programming: Goodie will reach out to the Social committee to come up with ideas to celebrate Halloween. Please send any other ideas for programming to Goodie.

Scholarships/Awards: Since the last meeting, we have received a request for 1 scholarship of $80

Welfare: We didn’t have any acknowledgement during the past month. The acknowledgements discussed during the meeting will be included in October’s report, as they were reported on 9/30/13 but will not be paid until October.

Finance: No news to report

Archives: No news to report

Other topics discussed

We again discussed the possible incorporation of the library Wellness Committee into DCLSA. Goodie reported that all Wellness Committee activity has been put on hold. Goodie will speak to other members of the committee for their feedback. We discussed whether it would make sense to incorporate occasional wellness activities into our regular programming. It was decided that we would need to put this issue to a vote once we had more information and possibly until we have heard from Admin. This issue will be tabled until the next meeting.

Submitted by Alison Eakin

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