DCLSA minutes 4/2013

DCLSA Meeting Minutes

April 25, 2013

Members present, Danelle Sims, Karen McPhee, Goodie Corriveau, Sarah Thompson, Rose Vanasse, and Dennis Brown.

Danelle opened the meeting and advised that David Sandberg wouldn't be able to attend due to the moving activities at Dana/MF. Danelle announced that her last day was to be on Friday.


Committee reports:

Craft Fair – Danelle told members that a new person to be in charge of the Craft Fair Committee was needed. She said Barbara Krieger was willing to help with the marketing end of the Craft Fair, but wasn't interested in taking the whole job over. Danelle described the Craft Fair job as not too difficult, stating that most of the work for the fair was marketing it, which Barbara was going to take on. Karen asked Danelle how many should be on the Craft Fair Committee and Danelle responded that two people that work well together would be ideal.

There was no Treasury Report.

Danelle spoke for David Sandberg and said there were no scholarships.

Sarah spoke for the Social Committee. She said that they are searching for a vendor that could serve dessert type items for the Spring Meeting. Someone that has cupcakes or ice cream or vegetable/fruit platters is what they are looking for. The Ukulele group that is being led by Anthony Helm may play at the Spring Meeting, Sarah said.

Goodie spoke for Julie and the Welfare Committee and said 7 get wells, and 1 death card/flowers were sent out. She went on to say that next month they will be sending out flowers to Allison Broughton because she had just given birth to a baby boy. Program Committee, Goodie told members that a future tour of the Life Sciences building was being looked into.

Danelle said that David Sandberg will be soliciting nominations for the Marketing committee.

Danelle wrapped up the meeting stating that the Marketing Committee didn't have anything else to report.

Meeting was adjourned at 2:30pm.

Respectfully submitted by Dennis L. Brown