DCLSA minutes - Feb 7, 2013

DCLSA Meeting Minutes

February 07, 2013


Members present, Joseph Montibello, Anthony Helm, Goodie Corriveau, Sarah Thompson, Alison Eakin, Tim Wolfe, David Sandberg, and Dennis Brown.

Joe opened the meeting at 1:00pm and introduced guest speaker Wess Jolley from Record Management (RM).

Wess began by telling members a little about RM and what they do and their processes. He mentioned that they store both physical and digital files.

Wess stated that he had briefly looked into the DCLSA’s connection to Dartmouth and determined due to the way the committee is partially funded (from the college) that it is qualified to use RM’s services.

Wess asked what the DCLSA needed from his department. Joe responded and said that members wanted to learn the best way to keep track of the committee’s records. Wess said using RM is the best way to store records and went on to say that in order to use their system that a file plan would need to be developed. The group should decide on how many kinds and what types of files they want to keep track off, Wess said. He discouraged keeping most non-transactional materials. “What rises to a level that is a record”, Wess asked members, and asked them to think about this in determining their value. The plan should also include a policy for keeping records and another policy for disposing of old or un-wanted records.

It was mentioned that with our current system, once our web site is changed, the previous board members names have disappeared. Currently there hasn’t been a way to recall the names of the past officers of the committee because they had essentially been erased, leading to poor records keeping.

David with the Archives Committee brought up that the DCLSA committee has some records stored at the Rauner Library. Some members were wondering if all the records should be in one place, but Wess discouraged this saying that he thought the historical records about the committee should be kept at Rauner. He advised that Peter Carini from Rauner would be a good person to help in determining what should be kept in that library.

Joe commented that he thought the committee might need to have one member be the “records custodian” until all the systems were in place. It was thought that once the systems are arranged and in place that the secretary of the committee would oversee this.

Goodie mentioned that there used to be a box of secretary related items. Dennis (the current secretary) stated that he never receive this box. No one knows where this may be now. There also may be different boxes of DCLSA related materials scattered around. It was suggested that all the committees’ materials be brought together to see what it had and to evaluate them. This would help to determine how many different files would be needed to store them. It might also be a good opportunity to discard unneeded or unwanted items, which would make the filing system as neat and streamlined as possible, which is something that Wess stressed as being a good practice.

Joe asked Wess about the committees emails. Wess suggested never using email for storage. He also said that emails are rarely kept for organizations like the DCLSA. He gave the president’s office as an example of an organization that usually keeps most of their emails in storage.

Dennis asked Wess what the cost was to store records at RM. Wess said there is no cost to the user, but cautioned that there is a cost to the college, so they encourage keeping just what has value. Boxes to store items in cost $2.00 a box at this time he said.

Joe is going to meet with Lora Thompson and go over this with her so she’ll know what has been worked on.


Meeting was adjourned at 2:00pm.


Respectfully submitted by Dennis L. Brown