DCLSA minutes - January 17, 2013

Members present, Joseph Montibello, Anthony Helm, Brenda Delaney, Julie McIntire, Goodie Corriveau, Sarah Thompson, Tim Wolfe, David Sandberg, Rose Vanasse, and Dennis Brown.

Joe opened the meeting at 2:00pm.

Joe asked for approval of the previous minutes. David moved approval and Anthony seconded the motion, all members approved.

Anthony gave a treasury report. He advised that we have 347.00 in the checking account. Including an allowance from the college of 631.00 there was a total of 5,599.08 as of the end of December in the account. Anthony reported that the Craft Fair brought in a total of 2,322.37 dollars and that there was 759.25 in expenses. He mentioned that he is expecting a few more receipts for expenses from the fair.

Brenda told members that the price FO&M charged for their part in helping with the fair went up by approx. 20%. FO&M charged for 15 hours which equaled 700.00 dollars this year she said. As a result of this increase, Brenda suggested that in the future that we should get an estimate from FO&M before the event so they could be held to that amount.

Anthony noted that he discovered that the group has recently been paying a dividend tax. Some tax forms needed to be filled out and submitted to get the club back into a non-profit status. By the time this was noticed 67₵ had been charged to the club. Members were in agreement that it wasn’t worth trying to recover that small amount money. Anthony is going to work with Brenda to have this changed back to being recognized as non-profit entity.

David asked about the Archive Committee stating that the committee needed someone to head it, and then volunteered to take the job. Brenda commented that the DCLSA records need to be kept for 7 years and that they have a chart string number. David and Lynn Amber have been involved with the archives in the past and will continue to work on them. Wess Jolley from Records Management may be invited to come to a committee meeting to share some info and help members to archive the records.

David also spoke for the Scholarship Committee and told members that 2 scholarships had been awarded for a total of 140.00 dollars.

Julie McIntyre from the Welfare Committee advised that 2 sets of flowers were sent out since the last meeting.

For the Program Committee, Goodie spoke of the holiday cards that were sent to veterans at the VA hospital in White River Jct. She said the attendance to work on the cards was real good and that about 176 cards were filled out and delivered.

The Social Committee was up next and Sarah reviewed the past Holiday Party. There were some problems in communicating with Bloods, she added. This led to not having the pot roast precut which led to members having to scramble to find a way to carve the meat for the party. Due to Blood’s being unclear in some of their communications and the way handled this afterwards, a new caterer may be selected next year, Sarah said. This year there was some left over food from the Holiday Party. It was all packed up, delivered, and donated, to Lebanon’s Listen Center. The end time will be extended by 15 minutes next year Sarah said and will end at 1:45pm instead of 1:30 like it did this year. Sarah and group members thought the music at the Holiday Party went well this year.

Goodie is planning an upcoming event in February which will be to see the “Crossing Cultures: Contemporary Australian Aboriginal Art” at the Hood. Stay tuned for more info on this; this should happen towards the end of February.

Brenda asked if the group is still sending out DCLSA cards to new staff members. David said they were and that new members should also be getting a DCLSA coffee cup. He said that he’ll take charge of making sure these are sent out to new members.

Meeting was adjourned at 3:00pm.

Respectfully submitted by Dennis L. Brown