DCLSA minutes - November 9, 2012

DCLSA Meeting Minutes

November 09, 2012

Members present, Joseph Montibello, Danelle Sims, Goodie Corriveau, Sarah Thompson, Tim Wolfe, and Dennis Brown.

Joe opened the meeting at 1:30pm.

The meeting began with a discussion on how the committee could attract more members to come to meetings. Members thought that Tuesday’s might be the most open day for members.

A proposal of having a “DCLSA cleaning day” was the next item. Members talked about this and all members decided that this was not something that was within the spirit of the DCLSA’s mission. Joe will let Lora Thompson know of the committee’s decision on this subject.

Next, Danelle spoke about the Craft Fair. Danelle told members that she needs the cash box for the sale. She went on to say that the Fair will have 46 vendors this year, more than in previous years. Danelle advised that she was holding the vendors checks for the time being. Workers will be needed from beginning to end, especially around 10am and between 3 and 4pm she added. She advised that Jase will print posters and get the posted in the community.

After this Sarah told members what was being done for the Holiday Party. She said Maple Street Catering, Salt Hill and maybe Blood’s were being considered to provide food for the event. The party will be held in the 1902 room she said. Sarah also mentioned that the party will end a half hour earlier than in the past. She commented that she’s going to get with Lynn Amber for help with this event. Sarah told members that there may be a “wish tree” or a plan to donate to the Red Cross at the party.

Meeting was adjourned at 2:27pm.

Respectfully submitted by Dennis L. Brown