DCLSA minutes - October 11, 2012

DCLSA Meeting Minutes

October 11, 2012

Members present, Joseph Montibello, Goodie Corriveau, Sarah Thompson, Tim Wolfe, and Dennis Brown.

Joe opened the meeting at 1:15pm.

Joe advised members that Anthony Helm has volunteered to be the DCLSA Treasurer. Joe will meet with the committee’s executive officers and ask for a vote to officially appoint Anthony to the Treasurer Position. Joe also mentioned that before Helen Bailey (the previous treasurer) left the library she gave her support for Anthony taking over for her.

After this the committee reports were heard.

The Welfare Report: Joe spoke for the Welfare Committee. Joe told members that Helen had been covering for Julie who is out and now that Helen is gone he and Danelle have been trying to cover this. Joe noted that there were 3 recent memorials. He is going to ask Danelle to order the flowers for these memorials as she can sign the checks that will be need for this.

Marketing Committee: Joe mentioned that Jase Harris is a member of this committee.


Scholarship Committee: Joe also spoke for the Scholarship Committee and passed on some info from David Sandberg. There were two scholarship awards during the months of September and October for $120 each, for a total of $240 dollars.

Social Committee: Sarah reported to members that the 1902 room has been reserved for the holiday party. Four non-denominational songs have been selected to play during the party.

Program Report: Goodie asked members if they thought there should be any Program Committee events during the rest of the Fall Term as there were other events planned and also pointed out the busy holiday season. Consensus was that it would be hard to fit in more events, so it was decided that no Program events would be sought after during the Fall Term and Winter break times. Dennis asked if the committee could consider a future tour (similar to the tour of the Visual Arts building) of the new Life Sciences building. Goodie will add this to the list of possibilities.


Joe commented that the Finance Committee is looking for a vice chair for that committee.


Meeting was adjourned at 2:30pm.

Respectfully submitted by Dennis L. Brown