DCLSA Board Meeting - September 4, 2012

Members present, Joseph Montibello, Danelle Sims, Lynn Amber, Goodie Corriveau, Helen Bailey, Sarah Thompson, Alan Gelfant, and Dennis Brown.

Joe opened the meeting and asked for a motion to approve the previous months minutes. The minutes were approved.

Joe thanked all committee members for their efforts.

After this the committee reports were heard.

Helen spoke for the Welfare committee. She said there were two acknowledgments and noted that Julie was going to out for 2 to 8 weeks.

Helen went on and presented the Treasury Report – She told members that receipts for the Awards Banquet came in at just over 2,000, and that she expects a few more slips to come in from that. It was just about the right amount that was budgeted for it, she added. So far 375.00 in deposits for the Craft Fair have been received she said.

Marketing Committee – Danelle commented that Marketing Committee members hadn't met yet. Joe is going to work on the calendar. Danelle is going to email committees for their schedules.

Danelle was up next with the Craft Fair report – She advised that she has received applications from some vendors. She is going to get with Dennis Grady for posters.

Sarah spoke for the Social Committee and the Awards Banquet. She told members that the amount of money spent for the banquet was 2,115.05. Most of the amounts for food were close to the right amount. It was noted that there were some chips, vegan sandwiches, fruit salad, and cake left over and that the garden salad ran out early. Sarah mentioned that next year's banquet will be cut by a half hour, as there was about a half hour that wasn't needed for the last couple of years. Next year's banquet may be after Labor Day due to when the holiday and college schedules are. It was noted that the Halloween Party is scheduled to be on the same day as the Benefits Fair.

Meeting was adjourned at 3:03pm.

Respectfully submitted by Dennis L. Brown