DCLSA Board Meeting - August 10, 2012

Members present: Joseph Montibello, Danelle Sims, Lynn Amber, Goodie Corriveau, Helen Bailey, Tim Wolfe, Lori Heath, Julie McIntyre, Sarah Thompson, and Dennis Brown.

Joe opened the meeting and asked for a motion to approve the previous months minutes. The minutes were approved.

After this the committee reports were heard.

Helen Bailey presented the Treasury Report – Helen told members that July's expenditures were $265.00. These notations missed the July report and will show up in the August sheet.

The Welfare Report was the next agenda item. Julie McIntyre said that she didn't have the exact count, but said that she thought that 3 memorials and 2 Illnesses were acknowledged and sent out.

Goodie gave the Program Report. Goodie told the group about the tour of the Black Family Arts building that was held on July 26th and pointed out during a slide show several of the highlights of the new facility. Matt Purcell from Planning and design gave the tour and as a thank you to him for the tour she purchased a personalized golf towel and gave it to him. Goodie will submit to Helen a reimbursement for the towel.

Marketing Committee – Danelle commented that Marketing Committee members intend on going to some departmental meetings to let them know and inform them on some of the things that the DCLSA does. She said that she's going to get with Dennis Grady on how the web site can be re-designed and also how the Outlook calendar can be used.

Danelle was up next with the Craft Fair report – She advised that vendors have paid $300.00 in deposits so far.

There was discussion about the DCLSA mailbox and it was determined that the president would maintain it.

Sarah spoke for the Social Committee and the Awards Banquet. The Recorder didn't hear all the budgeted numbers and asked Sarah to blitz them to him after the meeting. The information that was sent from Sarah to all of the members was this - Here are the numbers for the Awards Banquet that Dennis requested. Unfortunately, I found that my math was off, and the overage is actually $322.90 instead $122.90. Is the plan still approved, or should we adjust the menu from Lou's? Thank you, and my apologies for the error. Several blitzed followed this by members and all were supportive of this even though the amount had changed. Sarah also noted that the invitations were going to mailed out later this day. Posters will also be going out. There was brief discussion on where the best place to get table cloths are.

Staff room kitchen cleaning was the next topic and it was noted that groups are not signing off on the cleaning chart as to whether the cleaning was done. Members were asked to initial and date the checklist in the Baker Staff Room when tasks are done.

Joe asked for volunteers to co-chair the Craft Fair, Finance Committee, and the Social Committee.

Meeting was adjourned at 2:23pm.

Respectfully submitted by Dennis L. Brown