DCLSA Board Meeting - July 10, 2012

Members present: Joseph Montibello, Danelle Sims, Lynn Amber, Shane Harper, Goodie Corriveau, Rosie Vanasse, Helen Bailey, Tim Wolfe, Lori Heath, Julie McIntyre, David Sandberg, and Dennis Brown.

Joe opened the meeting and the new slate of officers and members were discussed.

Joe Montibello – President

Danelle Sims – VP/President elect

Helen Bailey - Treasurer

Dennis Brown – Recorder

Tim Wolfe – 1 year At Large member

David Sandberg – 2 year At Large member

Rose Vanasse, Shane Harper – 3 year At Large members

After this the committee reports were heard:

Joe also noted at this time that Cheryl Wheelock is stepping down from the Social Committee.

The Welfare Report was the next agenda item. Julie McIntyre stated that two flower donations were sent out.

Social Committee – No report Goodie gave the Program Report. Goodie said that the next event will be a tour of the Black Family Arts building on July 26th.

Danelle was up next with the Craft Fair report. Craft Fair members are looking for volunteers to help. She also said that vendors have been notified. The hours for the fair will be from 10 to 4pm and be at the Top of the Hop and Alumni Hall.

Lynn spoke for the Finance Committee. She stated that Brenda Delaney is the chair of the Finance Committee and that a co-chair is needed.

Helen Bailey presented the Treasury Report and advised that her report hadn't changed from the previous month. She went on to say that the budget for FY12 came in on target. Joe asked about the FY13 budget and Helen responded saying that she is going to use the FY12 budget as a guideline for the coming year.

Scholarship Fund - David Sandberg reported that there were seven nominations and that he met with Danada Dinsamore and reduced this to three nominees. Those names were submitted to the President and Vice President. It was agreed that they would inform David of their decision by August 9, 2012.

Marketing Committee –Joe read some notes that Cheryl had sent him. Danelle, Tom Mead and Joe will meet Wed. afternoon to brainstorm on how they should proceed with marketing the DCLSA and will also look at the DCLSA webpage content to see what should be changed, added, removed, etc. Joe will be meeting with Marilyn and Danelle about what needs to be done with regard to marketing for the Craft Fair. The committee will consider what they want our message to be to staff so they can get a greater understanding of who we are and what we do. They will consider linking to our webpage from the DCLSA Facebook page. Joe suggested that they could use an example of what Andi Bartlestein does for marketing and perhaps model our marketing effort after hers?

David brought to the attention of the group that the Archive Committee had been skipped. Joe asked for a report and there wasn't any, but David said that they were a member short and Shane volunteered to join the group.

Discussion followed about the upcoming holiday party. The group was reminded that we are going to have a longer break between the Fall and Winter breaks. Members were wondering if we should have entertainment in addition to the food at the holiday party. Helen commented that if we were to have entertainment at the party it would be a little nicer for the entertainers to have the entertainment while people were eating, instead of on its own. The possibility of having alcohol was also briefly discussed. Others thought it could be better to just have the food at the party and not have entertainment. Joe suggested having a survey of what staff would like to have at the holiday party comparing it to what had been done for the Coffee House event.

The Awards Banquet was briefly discussed. During the brief discussion of the Awards Luncheon Thursday, September 6th was considered as a possible date but Julie realized that that's the date of the First-Year Open House, so Wednesday the 5th may be used instead.

Meeting was adjourned at 2:20pm.

Respectfully submitted by Dennis L. Brown