DCLSA Annual Meeting - June 14, 2012

Members present: Jeff Horrell, Lora Thompson, Cindy Pawlek, Jennifer Taxman, Jase Harris, Lynn Amber, Goodie Corriveau, Barbara Sterling, Emily Woodall, Joseph Montibello, Rosie Vanasse, Michelle Lee, Ilana Grallert, Jessie Bunten, Helen Bailey, Joy Weale, Karen Sluzensk, Tim Wolfe, Stephanie Wolff, Lori Heath, Julie McIntyre, David Bowden, Christopher Curtis, Janifer Holt, Sarah Thompson, Alan Gelfant, Marilyn Millham, Cheryl Wheelock, Dennis Brown.

Lynn Amber opened the meeting with a greeting followed by her sharing some of the experiences she had during her presidency. She ended encouraging members to consider running for president saying it was a good experience and that she was glad she did it.

Lynn Amber called for a motion to approve the previous meetings minutes. Cheryl Wheelock made a motion to approve and Joe Montibello seconded the motion and the minutes were approved.

After this committee reports were heard:

Helen Bailey presented the Treasury Report which consisted of the following activities – 2,300 was raised from the craft fair 960.00 was awarded in scholarships Aprox. 2,000 dollars was used for memorial and welfare uses For events approx. 4,000 dollars was used Helen ended this segment by telling the group that all budgeted monies should be spent by the end of June.

The Welfare Report was the next agenda item. Julie McIntyre reported: The DCLSA acknowledged 35 significant events in staffs lives over the last year: • 3 – Babies (1 girl & 2 boys) • 2 – Wedding's • 1 – Retirement • 18 - Illnesses, Surgeries or Hospitalizations • 12 – Deaths of an immediate family member and went on to say that any staff member should let the Welfare Committee know when they hear of a family celebration, medical situation or personal tragedy; to please let them know so that the DCLSA can recognize these events.

Marilyn Millham was up next with the Craft Fair report. She stated that her committee has been real pleased with the outcomes of the Craft Fair and that it is doing great.

Marketing Committee was presented by Cheryl Wheelock. She said that they have used email, Face Book and updates to their web page for promotions. Their goal is to communicate about who we are and would like to get more people involved, she said.

Goodie Corriveau gave the Program Report. She spoke of some of the events that have taken place in the last year consisting of the cemetery tour, egg decorating, Craft Fair, and Men of Fire/Orozco Tour. Goodie added that the next event will be a tour of the Black Family Arts building on July 26th.

Scholarship Fund- Speaking for David Sandberg, Lynn Amber advised that they awarded 1,160 in scholarships.

Sarah Thompson updated the group on the Social Committee and gave an overview of the past years activities.

Joe Montibello spoke for the Finance Committee. They have worked on the wording of what the committees charge is and he added that Helen Bailey had created a budget for the committee. Joe also told members that they have developed a plan on how to have records retained and that they will be keeping them for 7 years by having them at Records management or archived at Rauner.

Meeting was adjourned at 3:07pm and the Coffee House portion started right after this.

Respectfully submitted by Dennis L. Brown