DCLSA Board Meeting - May 10, 2012

Members present: Lynn, Tim, Julie, Alan, Sarah, Marilyn, Goodie, Jan, Ilana, Dennis, David S.

Lynn opened the meeting at 1:30pm and called for a motion to approve the past months minutes. Goodie suggesting a change to the reference to the "Luncheon Learn" calendar. Lynn agreed, motion to accept minutes was moved and seconded, and the minutes were approved.

Treasurer report – Although Helen was absent, Lynn had sent out her latest report by email before meeting; there was some discussion of whether it is public knowledge or should only be provided within meetings, and whether it was currently posted behind a staff password. There were no concerns about the report itself, and was accepted, while Lynn will look further into its status.

Finance committee – no update

Marketing/web site – no news, meeting rescheduled.

Program committee – Goodie reported good attendance at the Orozco mural tour, perhaps because it was the end of the work day. It was particularly popular with the branch libraries. She will try this later (3 pm) time slot in late July for the new building tour, and will get a thank-you gift for Sarah Powers.

Scholarship committee – There were 2 scholarships given in the past month, and David is looking for a proper Buckingham award for this fall.

Baker staff room – Lynn presented the new cleaning chart based on the number of people in each office who use the staff room, as well as a guide for cleaning criteria, to be posted in the staff room kitchen. She also gathered suggestions of possible purchases for improvements, including a silverware holder for the drainer, dish towels, dishpans, and microwave splash covers. There was also a discussion that dishtowels tended to disappear, and that paper towels might be more appropriate despite being disposable.

Election – Joe was absent, but Lynn reiterated what had been discussed by email earlier in the week: there were barely adequate nominations (only one for most positions) and so they have been deferred for a week or two.

Newsletter – Lynn got lots of photos from her recent email request, and plans to put together a slide show for the spring meeting, as well as using a few for the newsletter. There was discussion of possibly soliciting a DCLSA photographer or two, perhaps borrowing a camera from Jones for events, which was generally supported.

Social committee – Sarah was looking for vendors for refreshments for the spring meeting, but didn't want to duplicate the coffee house, and asked for suggestions. While ice cream is always popular in the summer, non-refrigerated food is always easier. Other suggestions included KAF cupcakes, Salubri desserts, and Umplebee's. Alan will inquire about Umplebee's cupcakes, though he knows they can also do cookie platters. There will be the usual drinks, lemonade and iced tea/coffee, though there was also a request for crushed ice.

Welfare committee – Julie reported one death and two get-well arrangements.

Coffee Hour Social – Greg is doing posters for the event; how many needed was discussed, settling on no more than 50. Alan reported that gelato plus a cookie platter would only come to around $150, which was followed by discussion and a decision to add a fruit platter. For $30 more, we can have a server work there, which was supported. Mary will DJ while nothing else is happening (between "acts"); Dennis will MC. We may need a few people to help move chairs etc. before and after. A few other items needed were discussed, such as tip money for a server and flowers for performers, although it was felt that no special decorations were required. Meeting adjourned at 2:30.