DCLSA Board Meeting - April 12, 2012

Present: Lynn, Cheryl, Joe, Alan, Dennis, Lori, Goodie, Danelle, Helen

Previous minutes – discussed what social events had been schedule for April. Approved.

Treasurer's report. Circulated current budget. Budget is looking good for the year – we should have enough money to close out the year, with plenty to work with for the events we have coming.

Craft fair committee – one email came in with interest for the coming year's fair. The usual date is the Friday before Thanksgiving.

Website committee – meeting coming up. Pictures will be put up on facebook and/or on the website.

Program Committee – Hood tour for Library staff, April 26th, 3pm. Sarah Powers will be giving the tour. They do have interactive components that could make it worthwhile to bring an iPad, but we think it's not going to make it available outside of their own iPads that they're providing. Summer program. Director of Design, John Scherding, has agreed to lead us on a tour of the Black Family Visual Arts Center, sometime in late July. (We'll need a new Luncheon Learn Calendar – Lynn will talk to the other two committees to coordinate this.)

Scholarship Committee – new application form has been posted on the website. It includes a section where people can indicate what areas of the DCLSA they might be willing to volunteer for.

Social Committee – met to talk about the Coffee House and the Spring Meeting. Something different will need to be done as the Cupcake Queen has retired. Carson L02 and the Orozco room have been used, but the 1902 room is where we're planning to hold both of them. The spring meeting will be June 14th, 1:30-2:30. June 18th will be the Coffee House date, 4-6 pm.

Welfare committee – Julie McIntyre sent a list with Lori. We sent a dish garden to Julie Blain and two other flower gifts.

Finance committee – we read the minutes from that committee meeting, and discussed the succession of new people into that committee at the end of this fiscal year.

Coffee House update – at their meeting, they discussed ice cream as a possible. At Paddock, Marie may be willing to sing and David is a drummer. An anonymous person from Preservation may be willing to tell some jokes. Working through the departments looking to bring in more people. Alan spoke to Phyllis about the invitations, but they still need someone to design the invitations, both paper and electronic. Dennis may be willing to be an M.C. We'll be looking for food options. We might be able to mention on the invitations whoever provides the food.

Break room fund guidelines – DCLSA will provide up to $100 towards purchase of non-consumables for a staff room.

Discussed the Baker Berry Staff Room cleaning Rotation. Lynn will be sending a message to the departmental liaisons asking how many people use the Baker Berry staff room. We're going to rework the list based on the results of that.

Feedback tool for the voting vs group feedback vs the email inbox. We will need to talk further about which tools are used for what. We are going to delete the old voting records.

Going forward, the DCLSA email account is only to be monitored by the president and vice president. We agreed that they will change the password each year.

Logos – we're not sure what to do with this right now.