DCLSA Board Meeting Minutes

March 8, 2012

Members present: Lynn, Joe, Helen, Alan, Sarah, Marilyn, Goodie, Tim, Brenda, Ilana, Dennis

Lynn opened the meeting at 1:30pm and called for a motion to approve the past months minutes. A motion was made and seconded and the minutes were approved.

Lynn asked for an update from the committees

Crafts – nothing to update

Marketing – no change

Social – nothing new, but Sarah commented that they will be planning for the spring meeting.

Program – Goodie reported that the crowds for the egg decorating was just right, and pictures will become available.

Scholarship – no update

Finance – no update

For the Treasury report Helen advised that the activities for the last month had been 90.00 dollars for flowers and 40.00 dollars in scholarships.
After the committee updates Lynn opened up the DCLSA calendar for everyone to see. The group noticed that activities need to be planned for April and May.

Discussing "The Coffee Hour" was the next item. Alan said the Talent Show's name had been changed to The Coffee Hour. Dates were tossed around and it was determined to have it on June, 18. The hours for this will be around 3 to 7pm and it will be in the 1902 room. Alan is going to get with Julie to get this scheduled and to request a sound system.

Scholarship guidelines were the next agenda item. Previous wording on the application for this was determined to be too vague, so it will be changed to make it clearer what was expected of applicants/volunteers and how they would get involved in upcoming projects.
Brenda suggested that the scholarship volunteers should perform their duties during the next fiscal year.
How much DCLSA gives in scholarships was discussed. Until recent times that wasn't recorded, but now Helen has a line item to keep track of this expense on the group's spreadsheets.
A list of 8 items was drawn up for the winners of scholarships to assist with and volunteer for.

Staff rooms were the next topic. After hearing from the painters on how bad the conditions were getting in some of the staff rooms, the group decided that clean up lists needed to be placed in the staff rooms.

The wording on how the procedure for purchasing items for staff rooms will be changed. Currently the wording doesn't make sense as the dollar amount isn't consistent to what is allowed to be spent. A re-wording of this will be done to make it clearer.

Upcoming topics at the next meeting will be elections, the newsletter, the June meeting, and the Coffee Hour.

Adjourn at 2:30
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