DCLSA Board Meeting Minutes - February 9, 2012

Site: Baker 152

Attendees: Illana Grallert, Lynn Amber, Goodie Corriveau, Dennis Brown, Cheryl Wheelock, Helen Bailey, Danelle Sims, Julie McIntyre, Karen McPhee, Sarah Thompson, David Sandberg

Minutes from January approved.

Treasurer's report up to date spreadsheet handed out. The big expense is – payment of holiday party. Fiscal breakdown. On track for this year. Nothing outstanding. Balance 4500.00 with cushion. Roughly 2000.00.

Craftsfair Low key this time of year – not much happening right now.

Marketing and Website Committee - Danelle put up information on the DCLSA Craft Fair. DCLSA Annual report – do we want to do this again? Board said "yes" – David Sandberg will talk with Lynn about starting this process for this spring as he did last year.

Program Committee - Danelle Sims teaching pysanky. 2/29/12, 3/1/12, 3/2/12 Instruction – learning how to decorate eggs. Thanks to Helen Bailey for the use of the room to decorate eggs. Announcement going out soon.

Scholarship and Awards – Three scholarships given out.

Welfare Committee

Finance Committee - starting an anuual budget. Helen averaged the last five years. Rising costs. Target budget. Target matches revenue. We are obviously not trying to make a profit.

Survey talent show. 70 responses Alan Gelfant and Greg Potter are coordinating this. 13 people said they would be interested Events after hours low attendance. Should we have it in the 1902 room? Board said yes. Alan will send out an email gauging interest. He will try to find out who is interested in performing.

Item 6 from the Meeting Agenda 'Scholarship Guidelines" – review of criteria and policy was tabled until the March meeting due to lack of time.

DNS 2/9/12