DCLSA Board Meeting - January 12, 2012


Present: Brenda Delaney, Lynn Amber, Helen Bailey, Joe Montibello, Goodie Corriveau, Jan Peltzer, Danelle Sims, Jeremy Klockers, and Dennis Brown

Meeting opened at 1:32 PM by Lynn Amber

Minutes of previous meeting were approved.

Treasurer's Report was given by Helen Bailey. There is one outstanding check for $11 from fiscal year 11 that Helen will ask the person who the check was written to about. Very small changes this month. Costs for holiday party are not going to show until next month. There is one charge for welfare committee and a small amount for interest. Danelle will check on older treasurer's report to see if they are on the web or if the links are incorrect. It appears that budget wise we are on par with last year.

Craft Fair Committee: Marilyn mentioned the lack of volunteers for the event. Should a note be sent to people who receive scholarships that we are looking for volunteers? Should a note be attached to the scholarship check noting the opportunities to volunteer? This will be discussed further at the next meeting. Goodie again asked if it could be brought up at the next meeting to see if we should relook at the amount of scholarships. It will also need to be discussed how this affect the budget.

Marketing and Website Committee: No update.

Program Committee: Danelle will be presenting two PYSANKY egg workshops that will each last approximately one hour. Goodie will be looking for a room where the group may be able to leave some mason jars with dyes and samples of eggs for use the following night. Helen will talk with Barb to see if the book arts room may be available for the two nights that are needed for the process. This could possibly be a Thursday and Friday night. Goodie will create a sign up to keep track of how many people may be interested.

Social Committee: The Bloods bill is in for the holiday party. It was noted that we ran out of food, and that we should budget for an extra 15 to 20 people for next year. How will this impact other events, due to the additional costs? The cost of the extra people and the increase of cost may bring the price to approximately $2500. It was noted that the chicken was not split in half and this may have impacted the amount that was used, as people did not want to hold up the line by trying to cut them. Also the beef was in large pieces and could be in smaller pieces to also make the food go further. Also complaints that the tea was extremely strong and there was no water pitchers or ice provided. Have Cheryl give feedback to Bloods. Should we suggest next year that people might bring appetizers along with desserts. People liked the music and everyone appeared to have a good time.

Scholarship and Awards: No activity this period.

Welfare Committee: 2 arrangements sent for the month

Finance Committee: Finance committee met on December 3rd. Helen and Jan looked at old records and came up with the following: Items to be retained are the treasurer's reports, the monthly bank statements and the tax exempt status, craft fair reports and committee records, etc. Treasurer will hold onto a couple of years of information at their desk. After year 4, the information will go to archives. Brenda will check with Wess to see if the records should be stored in archives or at records management. Should financial information be sent to Records Management? Remainder will stay in archives.

Discussion of maintaining a balance for the committee: After discussion of what type of emergency or what may cause less money coming to the committee, it was decided that there should be a cushion for the committee. It is recommended that $3000 if there is a reason that the amount could not be raised due to reasons that are beyond our control. This could be if there is no craft event, extra retirements, or overrun on an event. The motion was made to approve this amount by Lynn Amber and seconded by Joe Montibello.

Talent show: Lynn has created a survey to send out to library group to see if there is any interest in a talent show. Based on results it will be determined if we should begin an annual event of this type. A "maybe" should be added to if you are interested. Enter a text box for "what are you interested in doing". Also put a maybe under if you are interested in helping. Put a text box in for names if you are interested in helping. Lynn will try to send the survey out on Monday, January 16th.

Items for next meeting:

1. Volunteers vs. scholarships
2. Budget preparation
3. Increase in scholarship/effect on budget

Meeting adjourned at 2:25