DCLSA Minutes December 8, 2011

Present: Sarah Thompson, Brenda Delaney, Lynn Amber, Helen Bailey, Joe Montibello, Julie McIntyre, Tim Wolfe, Ridie Corriveau, Marilyn Milham, Danelle Sims and Karen MacPhee

Meeting opened at 1:32 PM by Lynn Amber

Minutes of previous meeting were approved.

Treasurer's Report was given by Helen Bailey. Craft fair income was $1,763.22 from vendors. The total of $2,338.22 will be deposited for the vendor total and bake sale total. A $600 deposit was put on the catering cost for the holiday party.

Craft Fair Committee: Total was down because of not having a raffle, but the revenue was covered by extra vendors. Three no shows, but picked up an extra vendor the morning of the event. The two rooms worked out well. There is still a need for the placement of signage for the fair. Sarah brought up that it was asked if the hours of the fair could be extended by an hour, due to the amount of people who came in at the very end when the fair was winding up. This will be thought about next year during planning to see if the hours could be from 11-5. This would also help with the parking for when the vendors are packing and leaving. Karen suggested asking vendors their opinion about changing the hours.

Marketing and Website Committee: Holiday party invitation was posted on the web page. Also pictures of the craft fair were posted on the website.

Social Committee: Things are going well. Deposit has been made on the food. 8 confirmed desserts for the event, but hoping that more will come in. Formal invitations have been sent out to the retirees. A notice was sent out to the library group. Marilyn has contacted the food bank to see how the donations need to be handled when they are received on the date of the event. Decorations have been planned. Boxes will be placed in the staff rooms for the collection of canned goods for donation.

Program Committee: Bake sale was completed. 17 people signed up to donate and several anonymous donations. 12 volunteers manned the tables during the craft sale. Everything was gone near 3PM. Noted that the food table did exceptionally well ($213) with the placement of it outside the door. It was noted that vendors had no way to purchase drinks until the café opened. Should there be a discussion on whether to provide water next year or will this be against the rules concerning the Hanover Inn.

The next event that DCLSA will host will be PYSANKY egg dying by Danelle Sims. The date will be held for late February.

Scholarship and Awards: No activity this period.

Welfare Committee: Sent out one death arrangement. It was agreed that an arrangement will be sent every three months to a staff member with a long term illness, as has been done similarly in the past.

Archives Committee: No work has been completed to date. Lynn has expressed that we need to have someone that will head up this committee. Lynn will send out a note to see if anyone in the Library is interested in taking over this committee.

Finance Committee: Met last week for quarterly meeting. Committee worked on proposal for archival of materials. Committee is working on a statement regarding retention of funds for cushion.

Buckingham Award: Lynn has talked with Lora Thompson who also talked with LAG, and decided that the plaque should not be placed in a public place, but in a staff room. The plaque should be in the staff room of the library of the recipient for a period of one year. Motion made and seconded that this is how it will be handled.

Lora Thompson received feedback from the orientation group that they would like to see if the DCLSA would be interested in providing a tour of the orientation members. Would this count against one of the DCLSA events? Who would lead this? It appears to be a very large undertaking. Could this be done virtually? Could this be part of the SDC welcome program? Lynn will suggest to SDC that this may be able to be combined with the welcome committee.

John Cocklin and Miguel Valladares are both past presidents of the DCLSA and both are leaving. A card will be sent from the DCLSA to express appreciation of their service.

Talent show – Is there an interest in this? Lynn will send a note out to Library Group to see if there is an interest in participating, anyone interested in being in charge of the event. Seek suggestions for talents: poetry readings, dancing, singing, comedy acts, individuals and groups. It will be decided from feedback at the next meeting if this will be done. The note will be sent out after the holiday break.

Meeting adjourned at 2:30