DCLSA Minutes November 10, 2011

Present: Joe Montibello, acting chair, Jan Peltzer, Dennis Brown, Ilana Grallert, Ridie Ghezzi, Helen Bailey, Karen MacPhee, Sarah Thompson, Brenda Delaney, Marilyn Milham and Danelle Sims

Meeting opened at 1:33 by Joe Montibello

No new announcements:

Minutes of previous meeting approved.

Treasurer's Report - was given by Helen Bailey. She noted the revenue will be coming up from the craft fair. She also feels that we are doing well for this year. Full report available for all funds. She also showed that she is working on developing a budget for the fiscal year. She noted that it was rough numbers based on the last two years that she has looked at. She noted that these numbers did not necessarily mean that this was how things had to be paid, but that it was a guideline. She spoke on how this could change due to the amount of scholarships or acknowledgments, etc. She also said she would answer any questions at any time that anyone had.

Craft Fair Committee – Advertising has begun. The advertising is in D2U, and several other forms. Signs have been sent to offices. Signs will be placed around town and signs will be placed on the date of the event. Parking spaces have been reserved for the vendors for drop off and pick up for the day of the event. Unloading can also be done behind the building for ten minutes also. 3 spaces in the front of the loading dock in the back. Vendors need to be advised that no one can park there all day. We are still looking for volunteers to help with loading and unloading. Six are needed for morning and six for night. Goodie is working on the bake sale, soliciting for items from staff members. This year the event will be in two rooms at the Top of the hop and Alumni hall. Also, still looking for someone to play the grand piano. The event hasbeen posted on facebook by Cheryl. Event is next Friday, November 18th from 10 to 4. Set up begins at 7:30 AM. 38 tables sold to date. Cheryl has enlisted people to place signs around outside of the Hanover area. She has also placed the Valley News ad for next Thursday.

Website committee – Danelle has said that most of the problems with the site have been fixed except for the pictures. Craft fair pictures will be entered after the event. She will try to embed names into the pictures for historical value. Cheryl has been marketing the craft fair. See above notes.

Program Committee – Cemetery walk was postponed for one day due to the weather, but was held a day later. Had 13 people that took the walk on Friday. Smaller group than expected due to being on Friday. Ilana was thanked for a great job with her research. Took approximately 45 minutes to complete. Will try to add more people in other areas of the college next year to thisevent, as Ilana was contacted about this with interest in it from other collegues. Andi Bartelstein has agreed to assist with this.

Scholarship and Award Committee –Gave out 8 scholarships in October totaling $280.

Social Committee – Preparing for holiday party. Contacted Bloods for catering. 1902 Room has been reserved. Sarah is going to solicit for desserts from staff members.. Lynn will put out call for entertainment. Marilyn and Danelle will coordinate for a food drive before and during the party, with the collection be given to the Vermont Food Bank. They will be responsible for contacting the food bank, and finding out how to deliver the food that is collected. Will talk with shipping and receiving to see if they will help to get the food to a central area. Where should boxes be placed? In each department? Contact Jamie to see about placing boxes in library areas. Put in D2U to solicit other areas of campus and students to donate also. Cheryl will send out form for volunteers to help with the set up and clean up the day of the party. Invitations will be sent out. Cheryl is working with Bloods who has agreed to work within the $2000 budget. There is also $200 for incidentals. These amounts were approved by the Finance Committee.

Welfare Committee – Julie McIntyre not available.

Archives Committee – No report available.

Finance Committee – Helen looked at expenditures for the last two years to attempt to come up with budget numbers for categories for the fiscal year. She has submitted a proposal that also shows costs to date for FY12. She also reminded everyone that some can vary but some like events should be held fairly close to the projected numbers. The budget numbers are not set to restrict spending, but to be used as a guide for costs. Question was asked by Cheryl about a FY11 cost for "other events: with a cost of 1449.36. Helen confirmed that this included EBA's, baskets and gardening talk. Staff room budget of $100 is for each staff room, not for all rooms together and that the DCLSA liaison should be contacted if something is going to be purchased using the money, and the liaison will check with the Treasurer.. Helen will continue to adjust projected numbers for budget and also noted there is a $3000 cushion in the account and asked how that number was determined for the cushion. Cheryl explained that the cushion had come from previous years, that the committee had been very frugal to assure that there would be money available during budget crisis. If the cushion goes below $2000, situation will be reassessed.. This amount will be discussed in the future when there is more of a budget history in place at the end of this fiscal year. Finance committee will meet again in December and will include the cushion topic at that time. Goodie suggested that if the cushion is larger, we may want to look at the amount that is paid for scholarships. It has been at $40 for many years. Costs will be discussed

There has been interest in a Library Talent Show. This may occur at a spring event.

Meeting was adjourned at 2:37