DCLSA Board Meeting - October 13, 2011

Meeting minutes – 10/13/2011, 1-2 pm.

Announcements - Minutes of previous meeting - approved.

Treasurer's report – Paper copies of the report were distributed, no questions.

Crafts fair planning:
Top of the Hop and Alumni Hall
David Bowden – his band couldn't do it this year, but he is going to DJ for us, in Alumni Hall. Will cost DCLSA $100. Approved.
In the top of the hop, there's a piano if we can get someone from staff to play.
Dennis Grady is doing all the posters for the fair.
Signs and such should go out first week in November.

Marketing and website committee:
Updates to the website are ongoing.
They are working on getting names to go with faces in the pictures from the Awards banquet.
Updated the list of who gets the group feedback, and added it to the list of what an incoming president needs to be aware of.
Question came up as to whether there's a possibility for a better, more linked calendar. This could be a topic of discussion for the next meeting.

Program Committee - Cemetery walk has been announced. Thursday, the 27th of October. Ilana Grallert was in touch with Leah Goat, who had done MALS research into the cemetery, so she's a good resource.

Scholarship and Award Committee:
Revised copy of the Buckingham award text.
Members approved the text.
Trophy - $50 to $75 – for the winner to take with them.
Discussion of a plaque to hang somewhere, and where it would be?
In general, there's agreement to the idea of a central, permanent plaque. Dave Sandberg will price it out and discuss it further with Library Administration.

Social Committee - Lynn spoke because Cheryl and Sarah couldn't be at the meeting.

Holiday party:
Invoice from last year was around $2200.
Traditionally held on the third Thursday of December, (15th this year).
1902 room and the Treasure room are reserved.
Working with the same caterer as last year (Blood's).
Going to ask for volunteers to help with setup, cleanup, etc.
Food drive and collections of hats/mittens – last year all libraries had boxes and they were all brought to Baker.
Danelle will be talking to Cheryl about how it had been handled in the past. Some discussion of sending things to Haven but possibly other places as well.

Welfare committee - 8 acknowledgments: two deaths in the family, six short-term disability.

Finance Committee:
Met on September 7th.
The meeting focused on Records retention and budget.
How long records should be kept.
Should they be kept in Rauner? Out at Records mgmt.?
Does 7 years for keeping records sound ok?
Financials, chart string statements, scholarship records, are all things we'd want to keep.
Three years of current financial records will be kept by the Treasurer before they go to the Archives. Seven years total of financial records will be kept on file.
There are some things that we may want to keep permanently.
Finance committee and treasurer will purge records at year end.

Lynn reported that Helen brought up the point that we don't typically have a budget that we decide on at the beginning of the year. Finance Committee would like to see this made a part of a regular meeting, either late winter or early spring.
Spending has been up and down over the past few years.
Currently we keep a cushion of about $3000. We can discuss that figure during discussion of the annual budget.
Recorder position is vacant after Christine Simms left. Brenda Delaney said she'd be happy to do this. Dennis will be happy to do it if Brenda can't.
The idea of having a talent show at the holiday party came up. We may do an opinion poll this year to see if there's general interest, but there's not time to make it happen for this year.