DCLSA Minutes September 2011

September DCLSA Board Meeting

September 1, 2011, 2:30 p.m. / Baker 152

Present: Rosalie Vanasse, Ilana Grallert, Lori Heath, Cheryl Wheelock, Lynn Amber, Sarah Thompson, Joe Montibello, Tim Wolfe, Dennis Brown, David Sandberg, Goodie Corriveau, Brenda Delaney, Tom Mead, Helen Bailey, Christine Simms (recorder)

Lynn announced and introduced two new members of the DCLSA board: Tim Wolfe and Dennis Brown.

August Meeting minutes approved.

Treasurer’s Report

  • We received our check from the chart string to deposit (~$469).
  • Spent about $100 on the punch social event.
  • Spent $245.39 this month and took in registration money for the craft fair.

---------------------COMMITTEE REPORTS---------------------

Craft Fair Committee – Marilyn Milham (absent)

  • Registrations are coming in for the Craft Fair. Posters will be done in September.

Finance Committee –Jan Peltzer (absent) - No report.

Marketing & Website Committee – Cheryl Wheelock

  • Working on the website, need to update some things.  Will add the Annual Report.
  • Also working on the Awards Banquet.
  • Tom Mead has joined the committee.

Program Committee – Goodie Corriveau

  • Ilana Grallert joined the committee.
  • Cemetery walk coming up – we need to schedule it around the programming calendar.  We’re thinking lunchtime.  We may need to switch with another group to get near Halloween.

Scholarship & Awards Committee – David Sandberg

  • Three scholarships pending.  David needs to talk to Helen Bailey still.
  • Worked on the Sarah Buckingham Award wording, to be discussed later in the meeting.

Social Committee – Cheryl Wheelock and Sarah Thompson

Working on the Awards Banquet. Made invitations for award recipients at the BookArts Workshop. There’s a sign-up for volunteers so we’re covered where we need it. We’re planning an optional group photo for recipients in lieu of individual photos, which aren’t popular with some staff.  Salt Hill gift certificates were the overwhelmingly popular choice (vs. Barnes & Noble).  Brenda has Dartmouth branded tablecloths we can use.

Welfare Committee – Julie McIntyre (absent, report by Goodie)

  • There was 1 wedding and 1 illness acknowledged this month.

Archive Committee – Lynn Amber (no report)

---------------------END REPORTS---------------------

Sarah Jo Buckingham Award

We spent time reviewing the document of proposed guidelines.  One idea was an ongoing plaque that would reside in the Baker staff room.  Is Baker too Baker-centric?  Is there somewhere else public it could reside?  What if the continuing plaque went to the recipients for a year?  There was a concern that hanging a plaque in library after library could get expensive. We could keep it temporary.

What does exemplary service mean?  Want to keep it loose to allow adaptation.  Can give examples when soliciting but keep the written policy flexible. Do we want to take nominations from outside the board? We’d like to keep it from becoming a popularity contest. Nominees do not need to be listed board members/liaisons.

Seems excessive to prevent any Schol. & Awards Committee member from ever receiving the award.  What about for five or one year after service has ended? One year approved by group.

Is it only for service in the previous year? Needn’t be only the last year. It could be cumulative.

Can someone win it more than once? Allowed – up to the discretion of the committee.

Is the Spring Meeting the best time since it has fairly low attendance? What about the Fall Meeting or Holiday Party?  Since the Fall Meeting is the awards banquet, it seems like it would be blurred with those awards.  It might be good recruiting if it is given at a well-attended meeting. On the other hand, it might get more people to attend the Spring Meeting.  Spring can be hard since staff are using up leave time. Should aim for intersession, though, because that’s when evening shifts are around during the day.  Fall Banquet seems most reasonable time to award.

“its own members” phrase allows for any staff person to be nominated, not just board members/liaisons.

David will rewrite description with discussed edits and we’ll vote at the next meeting.

Estimate of costs – minimal, but we don’t have any numbers now. David will get for the next meeting.

Finance Committee (Jan Peltzer – absent)

The current situation: Jan has been chair for 2+ years; we may need to ask Jan if she’s willing to serve until June 2012. Brenda would then step up to the Chair position.

Do we have a conflict without precautions of members also being chair of other committees? There are already checks in place. We can add a comment to prevent current Treasurer from being simultaneously on Finance Committee.  We’ll circulate final copy for approval.

Recorder position

Christine Simms is leaving the College and we need to find a new Recorder.  We can nominate and vote on a replacement, or appoint one until June.  Christine ran unopposed this past Spring. Marilyn Priest was nominated and ran the year before.