DCLSA Meeting Minutes - August 8, 2011

August DCLSA Board Meeting
August 8, 2011
Baker 152
2:30 pm

Present: Lynn Amber, Julie McIntyre, Marilyn Milham, Helen Bailey, Christine Simms (recorder)

July Meeting minutes approved by vote.

Treasurer's Report
• Annual balance sheet distributed. We have about $2000 less than the end of last year, mostly due to more events and welfare expenditures. We have already received funding from the Library Admin office.
• Question was asked about possible retirement parties this fall: Cherie Burns, Irene Schlerf.
• We have spent a little more than $400 so far this year, mostly on welfare.

VP Ballot
• Joe Montibello will be taking on the VP role. Lynn Amber will announce wider after the meeting.

---------------------COMMITTEE REPORTS---------------------

Craft Fair – Marilyn Milham
• We're taking reservations for tables for artists; so far about half are taken. We will run an ad in the Valley News in September. It's still early now. We're also still working on signs.

Finance Committee –Jan Peltzer (absent)
• Lynn brought up the unfinished business of the wording for committee succession. Lynn will work on getting it finalized and circulated for approval.

Scholarship Committee – David Sandberg (absent)
• David is meeting with Danada to learn how the committee has been working.
• Also working on The Buckingham Award description to present at the next meeting.

Social Committee – Cheryl Wheelock and Sarah Thompson (absent)
• Cheryl, Sarah and Lynn met to divide up duties for the Awards Banquet. Plans are progressing and we have last year's prices to compare to this year's quotes. Cheryl talked to Lou's, not quite confirmed (waiting on prices). Contacted recipients for wording and to select their gift (Salt Hill vs. Dartmouth Bookstore gift certificates).
• A Punch gathering is in the works (punch and treats, no lemonade). Time and place TBD.

Welfare Committee – Julie McIntyre
• There were 9 acknowledgements this month: 1 birth, 1 wedding, 2 illnesses and 5 deaths.

Marketing & Website Committee – Cheryl Wheelock (no report)

Program Committee – Goodie Corriveau (no report)

Archive Committee – Lynn Amber (no report)

---------------------END REPORTS---------------------

Liaison Openings
• Joe Montibello will take on DLTG.
• Helen Bailey is taking the post in Preservation.
• Sarah Scully is covering Jones Media Center.

Other Ideas or Announcements
• Joe's Member-at-Large position needs to be filled. Lynn will look for volunteers. Ideas? Tim Wolfe. Other Member-at-Large nominees. Lynn will pull names from the ballots.
• We will table the Talent Show idea until next meeting.
• Will there be a September meeting? The regular meeting date is the same as the Awards Banquet. Lynn will try to find another time.