DCLSA Board Meeting Minutes - July 14, 2011

July DCLSA Board Meeting

July 14, 2011, 1:00 p.m. - Baker 152

Present: Lynn Amber, Jeremy Klockars, Lori Heath, Rosalie Vanasse, Jan Peltzer, Goodie Corriveau, Julie McIntyre, Marilyn Milham, Karen MacPhee, Sarah Thompson, Christine Simms (recorder)

June Meeting minutes approved by vote, pending a correction suggested at meeting.

Treasurer’s Report

  • The transfer from Peggy to Helen has happened, but because of some lingering charges from last year, the financial report for June will be made at the August meeting.


  • The next meeting has been rescheduled from the typical Thursday to Monday.  Generally our meetings will be on the second Thursday from 2:30-3:30.

---------------------COMMITTEE REPORTS---------------------

Finance Committee –Jan Peltzer

  • Reviewed procedures with Helen Bailey but nothing else to report.

Marketing & Website Committee – Cheryl Wheelock

  • Cheryl and Danelle Sims met today to talk about how the two committees will mesh.  They worked on combining the documents that describe the two old committees.
  • We’d like to push out info about who we are and what we do.  Did some brainstorming.
  • The Calendar on the website isn’t working so we’re looking at possibly using the Outlook calendar associated with the DCLSA email account.  Access to the email account was problematic after the migration because the password was too long.  The Calendar can be published to the web and used on the website.
  • Julie brought up that the welcome letter from the DCLSA sent to new members of the Library could probably use reviewing if not revamping.  She’ll send it to Cheryl and Danelle to look at.  Julie also still sends DCLSA mugs to new employees.
  • We’ve started doing some initial work for the Craft Fair.
  • Tom Mead has joined the committee.

Craft Fair – Marilyn Milham

  • The 20th Annual Craft Fair is this year.  It would be nice to get some reusable signs to advertise the Fair.  We talked to Dennis Grady about making a poster using photos of previous artists’ works.  We may borrow sign holders from Biomed this year and then get some like them next year if they work out.  We’ll narrow down the costs of signs soon.
  • We’ve reserved the Top of the Hop (16 tables) and Alumni Hall.  We usually have 44 vendors.  The HOP offered for us to use the Faculty Lounge; since it’s out of the way we’re thinking about storage for staff use.
  • We’re considering not doing a raffle this year.  The numbers weren’t as good last year as the bake sale table.
  • We have some vendors signing up already.
  • There’s a baby grand piano in the Top of the Hop that we can use.  We’re considering a band for Alumni Hall.

Program Committee – Goodie Corriveau

  • Doubled the Program Committee membership at the Spring Meeting: Ilana Grallert.
  • Ilana is excited about doing a cemetery walk, sometime in the Fall.  Halloween perhaps?
  • Danelle suggested a 2-session (or more) offering for egg painting around Easter time.

Scholarship Committee – Open position

  • Lynn has one person interested in chairing this committee.  If anyone else is interested, let Lynn know – she’ll get the committee together and announce it at the August Meeting.

Social Committee – Cheryl Wheelock and Sarah Thompson

  • We have made notes about the Spring Meeting for next year’s reference: open windows, plug in the podium.  They’ll go on the website so we can find them next year.  About 30 people attended the meeting this year and the cupcakes were a big hit, and actually cheaper and easier than ice cream has been in the past.
  • Next social event will be the Awards Ceremony.

Welfare Committee – Julie McIntyre

  • There were 2 deaths and 1 extended leave so far.  Julie just found out about a baby, two weddings, and a family illness.

Archive Committee – Lynn Amber

  • No report.

---------------------END REPORTS---------------------

Overview of DCLSA operations – Lynn Amber

  • Contacted liaisons to check in and reaffirm their commitments.  There’s one vacancy, in DLTG – perhaps Joe will take it on.
  • Planning for upcoming events and the changeover.  Trying to get the mailing list group updated.
  • It looks like we’re not doing any events this summer – is this what we want?
    • o   Someone used to do or once did a Library picnic in the BEMA.  Was it DCLSA? To celebrate something?
    • o   Lemonade gathering on the lawn.
    • o   DHMC has done cookie and lemonade deliveries around to departments
    • o   We’ll look into doing a lemonade/tea and cookies/fruit.  Small “events” like this don’t need to be scheduled around other library programming (calendar).

Vice President

  • The position is still open because all nominations were declined.  Lynn will resubmit for nominations by email and have a new ballot ready for August.

Committees and Chairs

  • How are chairs appointed to DCLSA committees? Largely by default, first to volunteer or shared by co-chairs.
  • Do we want to keep it that informal?  Sure.  (Finance Committee will maintain separate rules)
  • We acknowledge that it is good to have turnover from one chair to the next.  Chairs shouldn’t feel obligated to stay in position longer than they want.  If anyone wants to step down, let Lynn know and we’ll look for a replacement.

Awards Banquet

  • The Social Committee takes care of the details.  Unconfirmed date of event is September 8th.
  • We’re collecting a list of award recipients, working with Brenda.
  • Bill Ghezzie prints award certificates.
  • What else do we need to do before the August meeting?
  • We should ask Brian about a new poster (new cartoonist in the library).

Other Ideas or Announcements

  • To consider: the idea was floated to Lynn to have the Holiday Party structured as a Talent Show.
  • How does someone apply to be a vendor at the Craft Fair? Contact Marilyn or Danelle.