DCLSA Board Meeting, May 24, 2011

Meeting Minutes

Baker 152


Present: David Sandberg, Goodie Corriveau, Sarah Thompson, Danelle Sims, Noah Lowenstein, Christine Simms (recorder)

April Meeting minutes approved by vote.

Merit Award Proposal – David

• David would like to create a merit award for service above and beyond to the DCLSA and name it in honor of Sarah Buckingham. Danada is resigning from the scholarship committee so with a new chair on July 1st the committee will be renamed to Scholarship and Awards Committee and absorb responsibility for the merit award. However David would like to award it this year, independent of a formal committee, to get the ball rolling. The award would not have to be assigned each year. Would we want to give a plaque or a trophy for each winner or a central plaque that names are added to each year? Where would a central plaque hang? Baker-Berry staff room? David will write up more specific qualification and assignment guidelines. Vote to create the award passed. Vote to name it after Sarah Buckingham passed.

• Further discussion on the award selection: The description David writes should emphasize characteristics for candidates. Goodie pointed out that the Scholarship and Awards Committee should work with others to select a recipient, since typically the committee has only had one member in the past. We want to avoid the appearance of giving the award to ourselves so do we exclude the Executive Board members (Pres, VP, Treasurer, Recorder)? Perhaps open voting to DCLSA board? David doesn’t want it to be a popularity contest, either. When the award or nominees are selected, we should include a paragraph describing what the person did to win/be nominated for the award. This will establish why they were nominated as well as advertise the various DCLSA activities. Perhaps the DCLSA could nominate people and the Scholarship and Awards Committee selects winner?

• We decided to delay this year’s merit assignment until the Fall so we can solidify the who, why and how. So we will announce the creation of the award at the Spring Meeting and the restructured committee to award it. Then give the award at the Fall Awards meeting. Next year the award will be given at the Spring Meeting.

Newsletter Update

• The newsletter is going forward. It will list board members, committee reports and activities from the year. It will be distributed by email by July 1st. It is NOT a fiscal report. Please send David committee reports – brief, a paragraph or 3-4 lines. David will distribute the masthead.

Elections Update

• We don’t have a VP-elect. Lynn and David are talking about it. Don’t worry; it’s happened before. We received lots of ideas on how to deal with it. Does the constitution limit how soon a President can be nominated for VP again? Not sure. Suggestions of nominees welcome.

---------------------COMMITTEE REPORTS---------------------

Program Committee – Goodie Corriveau

• 17 people went to the Henry Homeyer event and it was very well received. Definitely will do it again.

Craft Fair – Danelle Sims

• Construction at the Hanover Inn may affect the next Craft Fair, because of its proximity to Alumni Hall. Not sure how disruptive it will be at that point. Alternate locations to consider? Top of the Hop. New Hotel in town. Collis – we abandoned it because of price and it was very dark for crafts.

Social Committee – Sarah Thompson

• New ice cream place in town doesn’t cater. Cheryl is talking to Morano Gelato. We have the 1902 Room for June 16th meeting.

Marketing Committee – Cheryl Wheelock (absent, report by Danelle)

• Danelle is now handling web updates and has helpers. Will post photos from Holiday party. Will work on architecture and design.

Finance Committee –Jan Peltzer (absent)

• No report.

Archive Committee – Lynn Amber & Danelle Sims

• No report.

Welfare Committee – Julie McIntyre (absent)

• No report.

Scholarship Committee – Danada Dinsmore (absent)

• No report.

Treasurer’s Report – Peggy Sleeth (absent)

• David will distribute report later.

---------------------END REPORTS---------------------


• Ilana Grallert has taken up the open Member-at-Large position vacated by Colleen Frakes.