DCLSA Board Meeting, April 23, 2011

Meeting Minutes

April 26, 2011

Baker 152


Present: David Sandberg, Peggy Sleeth, Karen MacPhee, Goodie Corriveau, Sarah Thompson, Julie McIntyre, Danelle Sims, Jan Peltzer, Jeremy Klockars, Christine Simms (recorder)

March Meeting minutes approved by vote.

Retention of Financial Records – Finance Committee

• Where should they be kept, and how long should they be kept? Seven years? Records Management Office storage?

• We were assuming 7 years retention for financial documents but the IRS paperwork states only 3 years from filing is required (so 4 years total). How long do we want to keep? Forever? Perhaps discard receipts but keep amounts/transactions for 7 years. Then keep summary information on scholarships, etc, for general reference.

• We could use Records Management for 7 years of receipt/transaction information – will R.M. keep documents that long? We should be able to establish retention. Perhaps limit R.M. documents to officers. We could try to coordinate shipping our documents to R.M. with the library’s shipment.

• Should we use a digital or print archive for the annual spreadsheet? Barb Krieger still leans to paper for storage.

• At the end of the fiscal year Peggy Sleeth, Jan Peltzer and Danelle Sims will meet to decide what info will be stored and where.

Finance Committee terms of office – Finance Committee

• Proposal for a rotation of committee members and plan of succession (two-year staggered terms for non VP members).

• Year 1 Member would be Year 2 Committee Chair, Year 1 Chair would retire and a new member would step in for Year 2. The newly-elected Vice President would join the committee each year. The treasurer operates separately from the committee.

• Since the Treasurer’s position is limited to 2 years, and the Finance Committee doesn’t make decisions, do we even need term limits? Longevity might be good given the turnover in the Treasurer and the Vice President.

• One thought for 2-year limit was that the position might generate more interest if people only committed to 2 years. So perhaps we allow the committee chair to “retire” back into the member position if they want to.

Final events before June 2011 – David Sandberg

• Today was supposed to be the announcement requesting nominations for May 10th elections. Will go out soon.

Details for the Spring Meeting in June – David Sandberg

• David wants to hire a harpist for the post-meeting social gathering.

• David is happy to read reports for any committee chairs who are uncomfortable speaking before a large group.

• Ben & Jerry’s is gone from Hanover so Sarah is looking into other options – will contact the B&J replacement.

• Do we want a podium versus a table for committee chairs/officers to sit at? A podium with a microphone would be preferable.

---------------------COMMITTEE REPORTS---------------------

Program Committee – Goodie Corriveau

• We’ve had good response to the gardening lecture and the session is almost full. How do people feel about providing drinks and desserts (cookies) since it’s at lunch time? Only thinking $25 or $30 and agreeable.

Scholarship Committee – Danada Dinsmore (absent)

• No report.

Social Committee – Sarah Thompson

• First Hanover Inn lunch had about 32 people attend. Since the event is fairly expensive, we can’t include this as a regular event.

• Planning food (ice cream) for the Spring Meeting.

Welfare Committee – Julie McIntyre

• It’s been a busy month: 1 baby, 1 broken leg acknowledged and one not, 3 family deaths.

Marketing Committee – Cheryl Wheelock (absent, report by David)

• Webpage Committee has been rolled into Marketing and Danelle Sims has taken over maintenance. Financial Committee minutes were posted to the website.

• Hanover Inn lunches were advertised on Facebook page; made a poster for the gardening event.

Craft Fair – Danelle Sims

• We’re working on updating the signs for the (next) 20th Annual Craft Fair. We’re hoping to revamp the sandwich boards and signs around town in a way that they’ll be reusable and have some sort of logo or branding.

• We should make sure to emphasize Craft Fair benefits the DCLSA, not the Library or all College staff.

• Alumni Hall may be unavailable (tip from the October Conference) so we have to look into that.

Finance Committee –Jan Peltzer

• Nothing beyond the term-limit discussion above.

Archive Committee – Lynn Amber & Danelle Sims

• Not much happening now – hopefully during the summer.

Treasurer’s Report – Peggy Sleeth

• Distributed report.

• The DCLSA is officially tax exempt – and this doesn’t change anything: we don’t pay taxes, we can’t take tax-deductible donations. We do need to renew annually via an e-postcard asserting our gross income is less than $50,000.

---------------------END REPORTS---------------------

Schedule for Diversity, SDC & DCLSA events – David Sandberg

• We have re-affirmed the cooperative schedule and updated it for the next year. David will provide the link:


Finance Committee minutes location

• Should we post them to the website? Should they be limited to a password-protected section?

• Agreed that yes, they should be posted and to a secure section of the website. Isn’t part of the website already secured this way? We think so. Danelle Sims will connect with Jeremy Klockars who did this for the SDC. Is there anything we want to limit to the Board only? If so, what?

Newsletter Update – David Sandberg

• Aiming for a 2-page letter in Word. Page 1 will be news, info and reports. Page 2 will be more social, listing activities. Send synopsis of committee work to David.


• Just as a heads up, we will not be planning an EBAs lunch this year.