DCLSA Board Meeting Minutes March 17, 2011

March 17, 2011

Baker 152


Present: David Sandberg, Danelle Sims, Goodie Corriveau, Marcia Pirone, Sarah Thompson, Jan Peltzer, Christine Simms (recorder)


  • Marcia Pirone (Webpage) is going on leave and retiring her post. David will temporarily cover web committee and is thinking of combining Marketing and Webpage. Since it’s in the Constitution as a separate committee, we’d have to vote in June to combine them. The idea was well-received. Will someone join Cheryl in working on the new combined committee? Website is pretty easy to update because it uses OmniUpdate.

Annual Newsletter concept

  • Ideas for the annual newsletter: changes in the library, Sarah memorium, current officers, events we did
  • Should we include Committee reports? – Short blocks of info, not a complete fiscal report. Light mood.
  • Send ideas to David Sandberg.

---------------------COMMITTEE REPORTS---------------------

Marketing Committee – Cheryl Wheelock (absent)

  • No report but David has talked to her about combining with Webpage.

Program Committee – Goodie Corriveau

  • King Arthur Flour event: Postponed until Fall for logistics and conflicts.
  • New idea is a gardening class. Contacted Henry Homeyer (gardening columnist for the Valley News) and his usual fee is $100. However since he’s an alum (’68) he was willing to do it for us for less, though David’s willing to go full price. Possible topics include: “Starting plants from seed” “Growing great perennials” “Pruning and starting seedlings” “Forcing forsythia and starting seedlings” “Sustainable gardening” “Organic veggies out of your own garden – year round” “Self-watering containers” “Sculpting the living landscape (organic)” “great NH/VT flower gardens.” Given so many possible topics, we could do a survey of interest. We should also time the session(s) we do to the appropriate time of year. Currently thinking late April/early May, so we’ll try one out and see what the interest is. It is hard to judge a speaker before they’re proved – a good writer doesn’t necessarily make a good speaker.

Scholarship Committee – Danada Dinsmore (absent)

  • No report.

Social Committee – Sarah Thompson

  • Card-making: small turnout but good times.
  • No current plans but perhaps a Hanover Inn brunch. The Dining room at the Hanover Inn is going away soon so this may be the last time. It was expensive but really well attended and easy to put together.

[Off Topic:]

Diversity Committee is planning an event about the Museum in Modern Egypt. A speaker is coming to talk about the museum – it’s a good non-contentious Arabic topic. Speaker will be Christine Lilyquist, former curator of the NY Met. Since Diversity doesn’t have a budget, DCLSA may co-sponsor.

[Returning to Social Cmte. Report]

  • The Spring Meeting is coming. No one seemed to like it in Carson – can we go back to 1902? All Social has to do is order the ice cream and book the room. David would like to have live music. Bill Ghezzi may know musicians, Danelle Sims knows a harpist.

Welfare Committee – Julie McIntyre (absent, report by Jan)

  • One death, one illness.

Webpage – Marcia Pirone

  • No report.

Craft Fair – Danelle Sims

  • Not much going on.

Finance Committee –Jan Peltzer

  • Succession has been a major topic of conversation. One person is always the VP of DCLSA, plus one chair and one member. We’re thinking a progression from member to chair and a two-year term. David will include formal proposal to Exec Board with next agenda and we’ll vote at the next meeting. “Recycling” members back onto the committee allowed after a time (unspecified).

Archive Committee – Lynn Amber & Danelle Sims

  • Haven’t had more time since last meeting but will soon. Still interested in expanding membership to 3rd member.

Treasurer’s Report – Peggy Sleeth (absent)

  • No report.

---------------------END REPORTS---------------------

Reminder to committee chairs to prepare job descriptions ahead of June voting.

Colleen’s member-at-large position is open – we can appoint a replacement until elections. Looking for interest.

February minutes were approved by vote.