February 28, 2011 Meeting minutes

Baker 152

Present: Peggy Sleeth, Lynn Amber, Danelle Sims, Goodie Corriveau, Karen MacPhee, Marcia Pirone, Jan Peltzer, Christine Simms (recorder)

David is out sick today so Lynn has stepped in to run the meeting. Attendance is low due to weather so the meeting was quick.

January Minutes approved by vote.

Announcements – none

Events Planning & Marketing Ideas – This agenda item is being deferred to the next meeting for David to present.

---------------------COMMITTEE REPORTS---------------------

Welfare Committee – Julie McIntyre (absent, report by Goodie)

  • One flower order.

Finance Committee –Jan Peltzer

  • Brenda Delaney has joined the committee to replace Kathy O’Neill. We met to get her up to speed on responsibilities.

Archive Committee – Lynn Amber & Danelle Sims

  • The materials we’ve found have been set aside for us and anyone can go over and work on them.
  • Currently we’re pulling out officers’ names from previous years. We’re also trying to inventory what we have and see what we can collect of what’s missing. Learning some fun tidbits, such as: the staff room was only for women in the 50s; at one meeting, three scholarships were discussed and turned down.

Craft Fair – Danelle Sims

  • Trying to get itemized expenses for the HOP this past time. It cost more than expected and we don’t know why.

Social Committee – Sarah Thompson (absent)

  • No report.

Scholarship Committee – Danada Dinsmore (absent)

  • Peggy reports three scholarships paid in February.

Program Committee – Goodie Corriveau

  • King Arthur Flour event: Cost would be $7.50/person with a 20 person minimum plus transportation. We were thinking of using the Treasure Room but some concerns were voiced. Where else could we do it? Suggestions included Novack (timing might be a problem) and a dorm lounge (McLane/Fahey lounge or Occom Commons in McLaughlin Cluster).

Webpage – Marcia Pirone

  • No report.

Marketing Committee – Cheryl Wheelock (absent)

  • No report but things have been posted on Facebook.

Treasurer’s Report – Peggy Sleeth

  • Summary update: Distributed report. Haven’t really spent much in February, just three scholarships.
  • No update on the IRS application.

---------------------END REPORTS---------------------

Annual Bulletin – Ideas for content for David’s idea of an annual report for the DCLSA

  • There used to be a library bulletin that published bi-monthly or quarterly (library postions, retirement parties)
  • The aim is for a record of the year’s activities, a year-in-review.
  • Email or print?
  • Should we include voting results?
  • New staff with photos
  • Email David with any other thoughts.

Other Business

  • None