December 14, 2010 word file

Baker 158

Present: Lynn Amber, David Sandberg, Cheryl Wheelock, Goodie Corriveau, Julie McIntyre, Colleen Frakes, Noah Lowenstein, Sarah Thompson, Marcia Pirone, Peggy Sleeth, Christine Simms (recorder)

Approval of November 2010 minutes

  • Minutes approved by vote.



  • The Holiday Party is this Thursday.


Holiday Party Planning – Sarah Thompson

  • $2000 for Blood’s catering and a little more for tablecloths and other accessories.
  • We’ll decorate for the party with volunteer help.
  • Cheryl is coordinating with the caterer.


---------------------COMMITTEE REPORTS---------------------

Program Committee – Goodie Corriveau

  • The Raffle was somewhat of a success, bringing in $317 and $75 for the cake. Not as much as last year.
  • Next Program will be February/Valentine’s Day. We are considering King Arthur cookies or something like that.


Scholarship Committee – Danada Dinsmore (absent)

  • No report.


Social Committee – Sarah Thompson

  • Sarah made the above Holiday Party update.


Welfare Committee – Julie McIntyre

  • Two bouquets were purchased for staff having surgeries.


Marketing Committee – Cheryl Wheelock

  • The Craft Fair has been a major project.
  • We sent emails for the Holiday Party; Colleen made the invitation.
  • The Marketing Committee is ready to help for the next event – just ask!


Webpage – Marcia Pirone

  • Not much to update.
  • Regarding Marcia taking on the Facebook page, what would this entail? She has the password already but can’t take on a major commitment. Cheryl/Marketing can take it on (and will) since it is in line with their purpose.


Craft Fair – Marilyn Milham (absent, report by Peggy Sleeth)

  • Roughly $2500 was brought in and we spent $200 plus the facilities cost out.
  • Top vendor in sales was our own Barb Krieger.
  • The jazz band was a hit with customers and vendors alike.
  • We’ve collected some feedback and ideas for next year, which we’ll discuss another day.


Finance Committee –Jan Peltzer (absent)

  • No report.


Archive Committee – Lynn Amber

  • Nothing to report – everyone has been working on the Craft Fair.


Treasurer’s Report – Peggy Sleeth

  • Summary update: In November we spent $5181, took in $9261, so we’re up. Distributed report.
  • We’ve got more to spend this month, with $2000 already spent.


---------------------END REPORTS---------------------

Tax Exempt Update – Peggy Sleeth

  • We’re ready to submit our application, pending the remaining agenda items being approved.
  • Propose the following statement be approved as a policy: “We propose that in the event that the Dartmouth College Library Staff Association should disband that any remaining assets be donated as a current use gift to the Dartmouth College Library to be used for staff development.” Approved by vote.
  • Propose the following statement be approved as a policy:
    “Conflict of Interest Policy

    Members of the Executive Board have a duty to act in the best interests of the Association. Officers and members of the board must disclose any personal or business relationship that is in conflict with this duty of undivided loyalty, whether actual or potential. If a transaction is presented to the board and a member of the board has a personal or business interest in the matter, he or she must disclose that conflict of interest to the board, remove himself or herself from any board discussion, and not vote on the matter.

    Members of the Executive Board may receive scholarships, gifts, and other items of value provided that such items are awarded according to the same guidelines and procedures as they would be to general members of the Dartmouth College Library Staff Association.” Approved by vote.
  • David provided a copy of the constitution with a signed letter stating its current status to Peggy for submission.
  • Peggy will submit all the paperwork to the CPA for final review and then submit to the IRS.
  • If/when we are approved by the IRS, we’ll have to add the renewal process to the Treasurer’s job description so we stay current.

Other Business

  • Things with the DCLSA are going great!