November 17, 2010 word file

Treasure Room

Present: Colleen Frakes, Danada Dinsmore, Jan Peltzer, Danelle Sims, Peggy Sleeth, Goodie Corriveau, David Sandberg, Lynn Amber, Marcia Pirone, Karen MacPhee, Christine Simms (recorder)

Approval of October 2010 minutes

  • Minutes approved by vote.


---------------------COMMITTEE REPORTS---------------------

Marketing Committee – Cheryl Wheelock (absent)

  • Working on the Craft Fair


Program Committee – Goodie Corriveau

  • Goodie has been working on the raffle.


Social Committee – Colleen Frakes

  • We had a good response to the Halloween baskets. The one point of feedback was that they were heavy to carry to the libraries.
  • Holiday Party is coming up. We’re working on it.


Welfare Committee – Julie McIntyre (not present – update by Goodie Corriveau)

  • There were five illnesses reported.


Scholarship Committee – Danada Dinsmore

  • A $40 health & fitness scholarships.
  • Do private lessons count? It hasn’t come up.


Finance Committee –Jan Peltzer, Lynn Amber

  • Kathy O’Neill has left the library for the new Finance Center. Jan will take over reporting to the DCLSA.


Archive Committee – Melissa Hutson (absent, and also leaving the library)

  • We met with Rauner and saw all of our materials. We need to inventory and sort them now.
  • We’re mostly focusing on print materials. Digital documents that are online are good for now, but if something changes (constitution, etc) we’ll have to print the old version before it is updated and send to Archive.
  • Since Melissa is leaving, Danelle and Lynn are going to work together to lead the committee.


Webpage – Marcia Pirone

  • Everything should be caught up on the website. If you requested something and it hasn’t been changed, send request to Marcia again.
  • Marcia will absorb the Facebook page administration.
  • General reminder of what the DCLSA email account login information is (email DCLSA or David to find out). Some think the password is posted on the website somewhere, but we probably shouldn’t be doing this.


Treasurer’s Report – Peggy Sleeth

  • Summary update: It’s been fairly quiet. $514.90 spent, $327.63 taken in. Distributed report.
  • We’re making good interest because we’re keeping most of the money in Savings. So let Peggy know before using the debt card for more than $100.


---------------------END REPORTS---------------------

Tax Exempt Update – David Sandberg

  • Peggy will meet with the CPA soon to review the tax exempt filing documents.


Craft Fair – Danelle Sims

  • The event is coming together. It will be at Alumni Hall in the Hopkins Center. We have a lot of volunteers – enough to cover but can still use more if others want to help. We may borrow Jim Guay’s dolly/cart to help move crafts up to the Hall. We gave posters to vendors to help advertise. We also posted posters around town and signs along the roads into town. We’re opening at 7 am for setup, vendors can start to move in between 7:30 and 10 am. The Fair runs from 10 am until 4 pm. Raffle is at 3 pm. Cleanup will start at 4 pm and then the union will pack up the rest. Near the end of the day, each vendor will receive an envelope to calculate their sales and what the DCLSA will get, as well as a survey for feedback. Many of the vendors participated before and many are new this year. The Cupcake Queen has a table, which reminded us that we needed to get a food waiver from the Hopkins Center. There will also be a live jazz band playing including the library’s Dave Bowden.


Other Business

  • Melissa Hutson is a Member-at-Large and since she’s leaving, we have to fill her position. How/when? David can appoint someone until the next election, and then someone will be elected to complete Melissa’s original term.