October 20, 2010 word file

Treasure Room

Present: Rosalie Vanasse, Danada Dinsmore, Sarah Thompson, Colleen Frakes, Noah Lowenstein, Danelle Sims, Cheryl Wheelock, Melissa Hutson, Peggy Sleeth, Kathy O’Neill, Karen MacPhee, David Sandberg, Christine Simms (recorder)

Approval of September 2010 minutes

  • Minutes approved by vote.


---------------------COMMITTEE REPORTS---------------------

Social Committee – Sarah Thompson

  • We’re doing Halloween baskets (or buckets, since they’ll be in pumpkin buckets). Assembly is Oct 27th, distribution the next morning. Cost will be $337.50. They include apples, tootsie rolls, cookies and cider. RSVP to Sarah to help deliver or assemble.
  • Holiday Party is coming up soon. We’re thinking the 1902 room, but there have been requests for the Tower room. Anyone remember why we moved out of the Tower? It had poor access, was hot, the space is broken up into three rooms, not sure if Library Admin office asked us to stop, not sure if there were renovations that happened. We could do a survey for staff preference. There’s also the DOC House (by Occom Pond). Sarah thinks we’ll use the 1902 room for this year and circulate a survey at the party for next year. 1902 has already been reserved for Dec 16th (we have to do it far in advance).


Craft Fair – Danelle Sims

  • Lots of work going on for Craft Fair. It is November 19th from 10a-4p. Setup begins at 7:30a. Hope to have two dollies with associated staff volunteers to keep things moving efficiently.
    • Danada and Goodie are doing the raffle. Cheryl is doing marketing for it. Cake (made by Brian Sagraves) raffle will be a silent auction on the day of the Fair. We are raffling: $100 gift certificate to Home Hill Inn, $25 g.c. to Kiddos, $15 g.c. to Morano Gelato, and a handmade book/journal, donated by the Library Preservation Department. We’ve received town approval for a public raffle and we’ll try to sell tickets to people outside the library. We’ve collected $850 in deposits from vendors. There are only a few spots left.
    • The bake table will be staffed with volunteers. We’ll also seek volunteers for general setup.


Webpage – Marcia Pirone (absent)

  • She’s been busy but updates are coming.


Program Committee – Goodie Corriveau

  • Goodie has been working on the raffle.


Scholarship Committee – Danada Dinsmore

  • 3 scholarships at $40 each, all health & fitness. 7 total this Fall, 6 health & fitness, 1 art.


Welfare Committee – Julie McIntyre (not present – update by Kathy O’Neill)

  • We sent flowers for a wedding.


Finance Committee – Kathy O’Neill, Jan Peltzer, Lynn Amber

  • We met and decided we want to set up a manual covering what we do, including a calendar of events/transitions, reminders, review of large expenditures. Also, minutes are on the webpage.


Archive Committee – Melissa Hutson

  • Our first meeting is tomorrow in Rauner (Oct 21).


Marketing Committee – Cheryl Wheelock

  • Placed ad in Valley News for vendors and got a good return on $90 cost.
  • Made a flier for the raffle. Closer to the fair, we can help advertise for it. Ideas include an ad in Valley News, the D, D2U, plasma in Collis. Send any other ideas to Cheryl.


Treasurer’s Report – Peggy Sleeth

  • Summary update: It’s been fairly quiet. $7300-7400 in account at the end of Sept. Distributed report.
  • If you’re using the debt card for more than $100, check with Peggy so she can transfer money from savings to checking. We’re trying to earn what interest we can.


---------------------END REPORTS---------------------

Tax Exempt Update – David Sandberg

  • Peggy, Lynn, Christine and David met to discuss our status. Library Administration is independent from us, so this is our call. We are contacting a tax expert to help us with forms to make sure it’s done right and that it’s the right move to make. We considered other options (ignorance, merge with library) but decided to apply for tax-exempt status. Finance committee is in agreement. It’s possible we’ll be refused by the IRS, but we don’t expect that. Application may cost ~$900 but it’s only a one-time cost.


Other Business