September 22, 2010 word file

Treasure Room

Present: Noah Lowenstein, Lori Heath, Melissa Hutson, Jan Peltzer, Goodie Corriveau, Lynn Amber, Danada Dinsmore, Peggy Sleeth, David Sandberg, Christine Simms (recorder)

Approval of August 2010 minutes

  • Minutes approved by vote.


  • Staff rooms are reported to be in poor shape around the library. It was brought to the DCLSA’s attention but is no longer in their purview. (We used to fund the cleaning of the Baker-Berry staff room.) There are agreements posted in many staff rooms that users are to adhere to. We should encourage our users to abide by the rules in the 7 staff rooms on campus.

---------------------COMMITTEE REPORTS---------------------

Social Committee – Sarah Thompson (absent)

  • The Awards banquet went well!

Marketing Committee – Cheryl Wheelock (absent)

  • Crafts Fair in November. An ad ran in the Valley News recently.

Craft Fair – Danelle Sims & Marilyn Milham (absent)

  • Work continues to get setup for November.

Program Committee – Goodie Corriveau

  • Tree Tour had 20+ people signed up; another 8-10 joined us. Very good responses from participants.


  • Raffle: The drawing will be made at the Craft Fair. Advance sales will start soon.
  • Halloween event? We’re thinking of doing some sort of event around Halloween. We’d partner with the Social Committee to do something the week before. Ideas include baskets to departments, costumes, Hanover cemetery tour by MALS thesis author.

Scholarship Committee – Danada Dinsmore

  • Summer saw 5 - $40 scholarships; so far this Fall we have 2 - $120 scholarships for fitness and 1 - $40
  • Examples of qualifying expenses: academic, fitness, professional society memberships. Have to have a receipt. We don’t really advertise aggressively so the scholarship fund isn’t overstressed.

Finance Committee – Kathy O’Neill, Jan Peltzer, Lynn Amber

  • We didn’t meet this month.

Archive Committee – Melissa Hutson

  • We need to get over to Rauner but haven’t been able to connect. Will do that once staff return.
  • Website archive: scanning-info- to- web project has been sidetracked at the moment.

Welfare Committee – Julie McIntyre (no report)

Webpage – Marcia Pirone (no report)

Treasurer’s Report – Peggy Sleeth

  • Summary update: Received the payment from the Library. Distributed report.
  • Issue: The IRS rules for non-profits have changed, effective Oct 15th. If this applies to us, we’d have to have the form submitted by then. Peggy did some digging and found out that we are not currently a tax exempt organization, according to the IRS. The tax ID number we had was not valid. So the deadline no longer applies, but we probably should officially get tax-exempt status. Peggy has started filling out forms. The finance committee might be able to help. If we get this status, we will have to renew/update the status and our contact info annually.

---------------------END REPORTS---------------------

Ideas/Other Business

  • We received a request that the DCLSA support birthday cakes for departments (monthly, not person-specific). It would be fairly expensive to do so for every department. A centralized event wouldn’t be fair, or realistic, for libraries further afield (would a staff person from Matthews Fuller or Storage realistically be able to come?). It is a wonderful idea but not very practical. Departments should so it internally if deemed important.
  • Goodie proposed we discuss the Holiday Party at the next meeting.
  • The DCLSA monthly meeting has been 11-12 historically but is not working for all members and representatives, because they do not work mornings. We will try 2-3pm to accommodate both morning shifts that leave early, and later shifts.