August 12, 2010 word file

Treasure Room

Present: Noah Lowenstein, Melissa Hutson, Goodie Corriveau, David Sandberg, Jamie Dalton, Christine Simms (recorder), Colleen Frakes, Peggy Sleeth, Danelle Sims, Lynn Amber, Lori Heath, Marcia Pirone, Julie McIntyre

Approval of July 2010 minutes

  • Minutes approved by vote.

---------------------COMMITTEE REPORTS---------------------

Program Committee – Goodie Corriveau

  • Sent announcement for Sept 1st Tree Tour and so far there’s been a good response.
  • Raffle plans are proceeding. There was an anonymous donation of a $100 Home Hill Inn gift certificate.

Scholarship Committee – Danada Dinsmore (absent – no report)

Social Committee – Sarah Thompson (absent – presented by Colleen Frakes)

  • Service Banquet is on the 9th. So far 9 recipients have selected Blue Sky and 11 have selected Borders gift certificates. They’ve booked the room and Lou’s will be providing the food. They’ll use the debit card to pay and Bill Ghezzi is printing the certificates.

Welfare Committee – Julie McIntyre

  • Sent two bouquets to Sarah Buckingham and one arrangement to Feldberg staff. Made $100 donation to Sarah’s requested recipient: Church of Christ at Dartmouth College.

Marketing Committee – Cheryl Wheelock (absent – no report)

Webpage – Marcia Pirone

  • Minutes have been posted to the website. We’ve also been posting historical documents to make that information available to current committee members.

Craft Fair – Danelle Sims & Marilyn Milham

  • Barb Sagraves’ husband will make a cake to donate to the raffle.
  • We’ve already received some registrations from artisans. Have deposits to give to Peggy.
  • There will be more volunteers to help direct traffic within the HOP during setup.

Finance Committee – Kathy O’Neill, Jan Peltzer, Lynn Amber

  • We met this month and have circulated the minutes. Highlights:
    • Cleared up transition from Barb to Peggy.
    • Peggy explained how accounting works at year end.
    • Looking at what info should go on website.

Archive Committee – Melissa Hutson

  • The committee met with Barb Krieger about the DCLSA holdings in Rauner – should focus on information that is historical and does not need to be accessed frequently. Reference information that is still relevant and needs to be accessible should be elsewhere: website for minutes, wiki for manuals, etc. We can structure folders in Rauner however we want, so that’s something to work on, as well as a procedure on what to keep going forward.
  • David wants to work on a procedural manual for the DCLSA Board members to help smooth transitions from year to year.
  • If anyone has ideas on how to save/store the manual or Rauner kinds of information, talk to Melissa.
  • Short term goal is to get info on the web; long term goal is to record it in Rauner.

Treasurer’s Report – Peggy Sleeth

  • Summary update: We’ve spent some money and received only 3 cents of income.
  • Spending has included scholarships from Danada, welfare info from Julie, staff room funding, EBAs pizza lunch day 2 (which went really well and built a good relationship with EBAs)

---------------------END REPORTS---------------------

Ideas/Other Business

  • The question came up about whether a scholarship would be granted for concert tickets as an art scholarship, much as gym memberships are also self-improvement. The group recognized the possible merits of self-improvement in a classical concert or opera attendance, but generally felt this would be a very slippery slope where drawing lines would be increasingly difficult and the number of applications might overwhelm the scholarship balance. The goal of the scholarships is more for education than for a single experience. Do we need to formally define scholarship? What do the guidelines say now? Peggy had them printed out and read them to the group. We learned there’s a clause that recipients of scholarship money are encouraged to volunteer time working DCLSA events, though this isn’t mandatory. Would the volunteer clause keep the number of applications for concert ticket scholarships at a manageable level? A clear definition of qualifying events will limit the scholarships, and so would enforcing the volunteer clause. Many felt it was a nice idea, but that in practice it would get expensive and the responsibility of judging the merit of individual artists or groups would be cumbersome to the Scholarship chair. Scholarships are intended for organized group classes or individual work supervised by an organization (gym). Decided to leave the guidelines as is and leave it up to the Scholarship chair to make the call, informed by precedence and in discussion with the Executive Committee if necessary.
  • Diversity Committee will be starting a new book group soon.
  • David solicited for a good joke for the awards ceremony.