July 15, 2010 word file

Treasure Room

Present: David Sandberg, Peggy Sleeth, Christine Simms (recorder), Noah Lowenstein, Melissa Hutson, Karen MacPhee, Jamie Dalton, Colleen Frakes, Goodie Corriveau, Danada Dinsmore

Approval of May 2010 and June 2010 minutes

  • Both minutes approved by vote.

---------------------COMMITTEE REPORTS---------------------

Program Committee – Goodie Corriveau

  • Sept 1st 11:30am Tree Tour with David DiBenedetto
  • Raffle for the Fair: Danada, Marilyn, Danelle and Goodie are working on it. They will solicit donations; currently finalizing announcement to Library Staff. They learned they need to submit an application for a raffle where tickets will be sold to the public in Hanover. The application must then be approved and signed by the members of the board at their next Hanover Selectmen’s meeting. Drawing for the Raffle will be at the end of the Fair, 19th Nov.

Scholarship Committee – Danada Dinsmore

  • Have already paid 4 Scholarships, each for $40. 3 were health and 1 academic.

Social Committee – Sarah Thompson (absent – presented by Colleen Frakes)

  • Colleen Frakes has joined the Cmt.
  • Spring Meeting Ben & Jerry’s: $275 was paid for the ice cream, $30.16 for incidentals, totaling $305.16
  • EBAs buffet is $7.99/person – came to $340.13 with tax/tip for July 14th event (33 people)
  • There is another EBAs buffet on July 29th
  • Awards banquet is the next event in the works, but currently there’s no info to share.

Marketing Committee – Cheryl Wheelock (absent – presented by David Sandberg)

  • Cheryl has taken up the Marketing Committee and is looking for new members to join.
  • They’d like to explore what they can do as a cmt. and set a direction to follow.
  • Send her emails with ideas for Marketing the DCLSA.

Webpage – Marcia Pirone (absent – update by David Sandberg)

  • The webpage has been updated a lot recently. There are two new liaisons: Matt Bowden for Paddock & Marcia Welsh for Baker Berry Access Services. Still two vacancies: DLTG and Baker Berry Reference.

Craft Fair – Danelle Sims & Marilyn Milham (both absent – no report)

Finance Committee – K. O’Neill, J. Peltzer, L. Amber (none present – no report)

Archive Committee – Melissa Hutson

  • They’re still organizing and going through lots of old info. Going forward, we should be proactive in saving historical info (minutes, posters, etc). David strongly supports this initiative and will schedule a meeting soon to keep it moving.

Treasurer’s Report – Peggy Sleeth

  • FY10 Final Report was distributed. The DCLSA came away with $700 net income at year end.
  • The DCLSA gets $7000 from the library administration; some is in a chart string to pay College departments with, some is in savings and some is in checking.
  • Lynn Amber and Peggy Sleeth are currently the signatories on the checking account and have debit cards.
  • They’ve lined up the process needed to change signatories so it will be smoother next time.
Craft Fair $ 646.73
Scholarships $ 2,009.95
Events $ 4,604.03
Flowers/plants/In Memory $ 585.00
Retirement/Departures $ 1,160.00
TOTAL $ 9,005.71
Craft Fair 2009 $ 2,547.73
Craft Fair 2010 $ 200.00
Library Administration $ 7,000.00
TOTAL $ 9,747.73
ACCOUNTS -June 30, 2010    
Dartmouth College Chart String $ -
Savings Account $ 59.35
Checking Account $ 5,197.36
outstanding FY10 checks $ (425.00)

---------------------END REPORTS---------------------

Coordination between library committees

  • End of June members of the DCLSA board met with the Library’s Diversity Committee and Staff Development Committee to improve coordination of meetings and events, and to minimize confusion in announcements for various events. As a result of this, there will be 4 programs every 3 months, not including parties or meeting.

Awards Banquet

  • The date for the Awards Banquet is September 10th and planning is underway.

Other news/announcements/questions

  • Karen MacPhee asked if there has been any motion to do joint events with Diversity or the SDC. It’s a good idea but no current plans. However there has been some past assistance with events, because the DCLSA is better funded than the other two committees. The Diversity Committee has been working around financial barriers (employee speakers instead of paid guest speakers). Also, individuals can use Scholarships to fund books for book groups, as has happened.