May 26, 2010 word file


Cheryl Wheelock
Marcia Pirone
Matt Agnoli
Kathy O'Neill
Jan Peltzer
Sarah Thompson
Danelle Sweeney
Goodie Corriveau
Danada Dinsmore
Melissa Hutson

New Business

  • Will reveal election results at the June meeting
  • New liasion for CatMet is Rosie Vanasse, Acquisitions needs a new liaison
  • April minutes approved

Welfare (Cheryl for Julie McIntyre)

  • No new expenses

Programs (Goodie)

  • May 13th: DHMC Simulation tour (part of the Patient Safety Training Center)
    - 15 signed up, 10 total for tour
  • May 19th: Raffle meeting with Danada Dinsmore, Danelle Sweeney, and Marilyn Milham
    - Open raffle to library staff first, then extend to craft fair table and open it to the public
    - Will be requesting donation of items
  • June: Tree tour of campus, Wednesday June 23rd at 11:30, approx. 1 hour
  • Fall: A demo or talk by King Arthur Flour is a possibility

  • Cheryl: meeting with Lisa Ladd, Jamie Dalton, and Lora Thompson
    - Coordinate programming with SDC and Diversity Committee
    - Need to be mindful as groups and work together
    - Total of 16 programs for the year between all the groups

Scholarships (Danada)

  • 3 total for Spring
  • 2 total for Summer

Web (Marcia)

  • Completed the changes discussed last month
  • Re-did minutes page to make it easier to read
  • Pictures from DHMC tour added

Craft Fair (Danelle)

  • Barb Krieger has agreed to re-do signs that go out on roads
  • Some registrations already
  • Raffle permit application from the Town of Hanover: need to fill this out if we want to sell tickets to the public

Social Committee (Sarah)

  • Ben & Jerry's at Spring Meeting (cookie dough, NY superfudge chunk, coffee coffee buzz buzz buzz)
  • Muffin baskets: more apples requested, very well received
  • EBA's lunch is next, no date yet
    - Could do in July (deliver pizza to departments that can't send people)
    - Do like Hanover Inn event? Multiple days and sign up?
    - Intersession: easier for service desks to go, though may not have students to help cover desks


  • Barb out this week, no report
  • Retirement expenses coming up
  • Approximate expenses: Hanover Inn: $1500; Muffins: $350; Programs: $36 receipt to hand in. Total in all accounts is around $6600

Finance (Kathy, Jan)

  • No meeting since last DCLSA meeting
  • June meeting vote: term limits for treasurer? Need to e-mail library group to allow for discussion/questions?
  • Term stated in Constitution, so in order to change we need to bring it up at the June meeting
  • Thinking two year term, can run again but shouldn’t serve more than 2 consecutive terms
  • Make VP of DCLSA co-signer for the checking, savings and chart string accounts
  • Constitution says Treasurer is part of the executive board, 1 year term right now, says nothing about serving consecutive terms.
  • Set up general guidelines to help when Treasurer changes hands? Annual report required?
  • Would be nice to have templates and guidelines in place like we do with scholarships and break room policies
  • Might make it easier to get people to volunteer if they can better understand the expectations of the various positions of the board.

  • Working on a mission statement (rough draft currently) for the Finance Committee
  • Term limits for committee members (currently two years, should we eliminate?)
  • Scholarship, Program, Social committees don't have limits
  • Need to give two weeks notice before June meeting about amendments

  • Bring mission statement to June meeting since Finance committee will be mentioned as part of this year’s accomplishments


  • Need to define voting rights for all? (Committees, liasions, etc.)
  • Not consistent now? Some are defined, some are not
  • Assumption: not defined can be seen as meaning they can't vote, however, pretty much everyone on DCLSA board can vote since they are here and participating at the various meetings.