April 22, 2010 word file


Cheryl Wheelock
Marcia Pirone
Michelle Lee
Barb Krieger
Sarah Thompson
Danelle Sweeney
Kathy O'Neil
Jan Peltzer
Matt Agnoli
Karen MacPhee
Goodie Corriveau
David Sandberg
Danada Dinsmore
Melissa Hutson

DCLSA Archives (Barb Kriger)

  • Some records currently located in Rauner, starting with papers that deal with the beginning idea of forming a staff association
  • Very early on interests included salary range/work week issues (papers include questionnaires), shows the changing focus
  • The way the officer who gave the records arranged things is the current order
  • Lacking reports (committees), currently have more flyers, etc. Would like to collect more policies, procedures, meeting minutes, reports (from committees, programs that have separate meetings), etc.
  • Digital records? Until a campus wide system is in place, prefer paper. If we have a disc, it can be loaded onto the server or be printed out on archival paper
    - Campus departments go through Record Management who then transfers items to Rauner, since we are a small organization, OK to just send to Barb
    - File format: record copy should not be modifiable, therefore PDF is best
  • Don't want active records, i.e. documents we use and refer to frequently (constitution, policies, etc.)
  • Put on website (photo section?): some older info currently in Rauner, scan older docs, photos, posters?
  • Can dictate our “series” to organize documents (minutes, finance, tec.)
  • Should we have a records liaison or archive committee? Add to agenda for next meeting, Melissa Hutson offered to chair or help, Matt Agnoli volunteered to help with scanning

Marketing (Michelle Lee)

  • No news
  • Upcoming: Spring Meeting

Welfare (Cheryl for Julie McIntyre)

  • Recognized one illness and one birth

Programs (Goodie)

  • Hanover Inn Buffet: very well received and attended

    - Small issue with one student signing up through Facebook, need to be aware of how events are worded in the future
  • Greenhouse Tour on 4/22
    - 9 people total (8 had never been to the greenhouses before)
  • Next: May 13th Simulation Lab at DHMC, 11:30 or noon
    - Will be sending the announcement next week, will mention Advanced Transit info

Scholarships (Danada)

  • One $40 for health and fitness for the current term
  • Tend to get more requests at beginning of summer term because that is when Dartmouth Gym memberships renew

Web (Marcia)

  • If site is password protected, we can't search it with Google
  • Just authenticate some parts? (Other college association sites financial info was protected)
  • We would most want to be able to search the meeting minutes, so we should separate out what we want to be able to search while protecting other info
    - But: financial bits are included in some minutes
  • Want to make sure we are presenting financial info in the proper context
  • Would be very easy to separate out financial documents and password protect (just docs with figures, not mission statements)
  • Annual reports with the Treasurer's annual report protected as well? YES
  • Photo album also protected

Craft Fair (Danelle)

  • Reserved Alumni Hall for the Friday before Thanksgiving
  • Started contacting artists
  • Social Committee: event(s) to get people together to bake/craft items?
  • Bake sale: individual plus whole (cakes, pies) items

Social Committee (Sarah)

  • Will be calling Ben & Jerry's for Spring Meeting
  • Need to assemble baskets, Lou's or Dartmouth Dining Services (DDS) for muffins
  • Number of people in departments will dictate number of baskets
  • Muffins plus DCLSA promotional materials, elections are coming up
  • May 4, 5, 6 (Tues-Thurs) week before elections (elections start the 12th)
  • Lou's: assorted $1.70 each, approx 180 muffins (170 employees). $306 plus tax plus $15 delivery.
    - “Earth” muffin $2.35 each, dietary friendly
  • DDS: 17 dozen approx. $300, don't deliver, no tax if we use chart string account
  • Keep it simple, gesture & DCLSA promotion are what is important
  • Bag of apples to distribute among baskets?
  • Assemble Monday evening (May 3rd)
    - Karen MacPhee, Jan Peltzer, Melissa Hutson volunteer to help deliver. Also ask dept. liaisons?

Treasurer (Cheryl for Barb Bushor)

  • $6,873.50 in checking
  • $58.92 in savings
  • March balance: $8,176.05
  • April balance: $6,932.45
  • Hanover Inn: $1,034.25
  • $1,243.63 difference between March and April balance includes some of Hanover Inn expense
  • Can expect to spend $1,100 by July for retirements using the list of people retiring and the matrix on the website

Finance Committee (Kathy O'Neil)

  • Currently discussing what their charge and goals are
  • Possibility of term limits for the Treasurer? Two years with no consecutive terms? Currently no limit
  • Should there be an assistant treasurer, or is it not too difficult to get a new person up to speed?
  • Has the Treasurer's role changed? Looking at this because Dartmouth is changing in terms of finances
  • Formalize the procedures of the Treasurer, make it easier to have someone new step in
  • Co-signing of checks, who's responsibility?Next step: Spring Meeting? E-mail vote?
  • Next step: Spring Meeting? E-mail vote?
  • Attach meeting minutes with DCLSA minutes
  • Keep files with Treasurer, archive at some point
  • Add finance committee to Constitution/Bylaws? Because the issue of money is an important one