March 16, 2010 word file

Present:Cheryl Wheelock, Marilyn Milham, Sarah Thompson, Kathy O’Neill, Goodie Corriveau, Marcia Pirone, Danada Dinsmore, and the recorder, Jan Peltzer.

Old Business

  • February meeting minutes approved.

Marketing Committee

  • No report.

Welfare Committee (Cheryl for Julie McIntyre)

  • Two flower arrangements sent for illnesses.

Program Committee (Goodie)

  • “On Comics and Cartooning” with Colleen Frakes is this Thursday, March 18 in the Starr Educational Center – Changed to Carson 61. This event had a good response.
  • “Tour of the Greenhouse” is scheduled for Earth Day, April 22 at 11:30. Goodie will begin to publicize the event next week (beginning of April). Katherine, Sarah Thompson’s roommate, will give the tour. In the event description, Goodie will also mention the hours the greenhouse is open and outdoor seating available during the summer months.
  • “Simlab” will be scheduled in May and treated as an event; therefore, no gift certificate is necessary. Goodie will help Sarah coordinate this event.

Scholarship Committee (Danada)

  • Danada reported that there were a total of six requests for the winter term.

Web Committee (Marcia)

  • Marcia reported on some minor changes that were made to the DCLSA web page, i.e. links added and page protected.

Social Committee (Sarah)

  • At present Sarah is the only member of the Social Committee. Cheryl volunteered to recruit some other members. Danada suggested DCLSA members recruit volunteers for the specific events. This would give those that have received scholarships more opportunities to become involved with DCLSA.
  • It was decided, as soon as an event is completed, the event should be scheduled for the following year or as soon as the room schedule becomes available.

Craft Fair Committee (Marilyn)

  • The date for the 2010 Craft Fair has been set for November 19 in Alumni Hall. This is the Friday before the Thanksgiving holiday.
  • Marilyn showed samples for craft items to be sold at the Dartmouth table. The crafts were animal magnets and bottle cap pins. Production of these crafts should begin in the fall. Marilyn would appreciate other suggestions.
  • Marilyn is hoping to have an item for a raffle, perhaps a quilt. Raffles are good “money makers.”

Treasurer’s Report (Cheryl for Barb Bushor)

  • Service Credit Union balance is $2,058.05. Checking account balance is $6,118.00. Transactions included two checks totaling $40 for scholarships and a $45 check for flowers. Chart string account balance is the same as last month.

Finance Committee (Kathy)

  • First meeting was held on February 10. After David reviews the minutes of this meeting, the committee will make them available to the library staff.
  • At the first meeting, committee members discussed the charge of the committee and what the committee would like to accomplish.
  • Kathy spoke to the changing financial environment at Dartmouth which includes more audits and how all transactions need to be substantiated with backup documentation. At some point, DCLSA may be subject to an audit and the finance committee should start developing operating procedures with this in mind.

Other Business


  • Cheryl noted that DCLSA facebook page is up and running with 35 friends. It is a very good venue to reach people, promote DCLSA and advertise events.
  • The following events have been posted to the DCLSA facebook page; Awards Banquet, Spring Meeting and the Holiday Party. Also the “On Comics and Cartooning” event is posted with a nice image. It would be great to have the “Greenhouse Tour” event appear on the page with an image also.
  • Melissa Hutson will be in touch with Andi Bartelstein to see if the DCLSA facebook page can be mentioned on the Library’s facebook page.
  • DCLSA may want to develop a poster to put in the library staff rooms to announce the new facebook page.


  • One of the goals Cheryl identified upon becoming President of DCLSA was to establish procedures to archive materials.
  • Barb Krieger has archived some materials which are stored at Rauner.
  • It was decided that the best way to make sure material is archived is to have one individual responsible for archive. Cheryl will ask Barb if she is interested.

More Events

  • Cheryl reported that the DCLSA is in a position to spend money on additional events this year. It important to spend DCLSA funds for the purpose they were intended, for the library staff and Cheryl feels with Dartmouth’s current budget situation, now is the ideal time.
  • She would like to thank members of DCLSA have worked diligently cost cutting and getting the most for the money that was spent.
  1. Lunch at the Hanover Inn
    • Cheryl contacted the Hanover Inn and the Inn is receptive to host a lunch for library staff members during their regular $10 buffet.
    • Staff members will be given three dates to choose from in April and will be asked to sign up for a specific date.
    • The members present at the meeting were enthusiastic about this event.
  2. Breakfast in a Basket
    • Cheryl suggested delivering baskets filled with muffins to the various library departments during the month of May.
    • Along with this basket, information regarding DCLSA will be provided including the positions becoming available on the board.

Meeting closed at 3:30 pm.