February 17, 2010 word file


Cheryl Wheelock
David Sandberg
Michelle Lee
Matt Agnoli
Sarah Thompson
Goodie Corriveau
Danada Dinsmore
Jan Peltzer
Melissa Hutson

Old Business

  • January meeting minutes approved

Finance Committee (David)

  • First meeting will be this Friday (19th)
  • Members are: Kathy O'Neil (chair), Jan Peltzer, and the VP is the third member (currently David Sandberg)
  • Objectives: review budget guidelines, meet once a month, approve large ticket items, keep the rest of the board informed

Treasurer's Report

  • Balances as of Feb.18, 2010:
    primary savings: 2057.25
    service checking: 6283.00 (2 cks are still outstanding total of $120.)
    DCSLA chart string: 379.64
  • $200.00 Scholarships 2/1/10-2/19/10 (check written)
  • $45.00 Flowers 2/1/10-2/19/10 (debit card used)

Marketing (Michelle)

  • no report

Welfare (Cheryl for Julie McIntyre)

  • One gift (flowers) for illness

Program (Goodie)

  • Two pending:
    - Thursday March 18th in Starr: Colleen Frakes will talk about her cartooning
    - Will work with Michelle to make posters for the event

    - Thursday May 13th: DHMC demo of med student simulation lab
    - Sometime around noon, no exact time yet

    - Group size 15-20, but they can rotate groups through so more is fine

Scholarship (Danada)

  • This term: 6 total: 5 health & fitness, 1 academic (two covered multiple terms)

Web (Cheryl for Marcia)

  • The Library Web Steering group will be clearing all unnecessary files from the server. This includes the previous version of the DCLSA website. All content has been moved, so we won't lose anything, but we can burn a copy to CD for archival purposes if we want.
  • Will add description of new financial committee to website eventually, will also change the names of those on the Social Committee.


  • Nothing new, in the very preliminary planning stages.


  • Welcome Sarah Thompson as a new member
  • Next big events: EBA's pizza in the summer, Spring Meeting June 17th, 1902 room, 1:30-3:00.
  • Start election process in May, VP starts nomination process

New Business: Brainstorm for Events

  • Looked at other LSA websites that had events listed for ideas
    • Library staff art exhibit, we could also work with the group that does the College wide art show.
      - One day event (1902 Rm?) like an open house. Can we use the reference exhibit cases?
    • Walking tours of the campus (these have happened before)
      - Tree tour: David Dibenedetto (Campus tree warden)
    • Summer picnic
    • Tai Chi demo
    • Bus trip to Boston (After Hours does this, can be complicated to set up)
    • Book swap with coffee
    • Movie or game night/lunch
    • International party with potluck
    • Greenhouse tour followed by something (refreshments?) at Dana
    • Cemetery tour (Leah Goat has done this before)
    • Montshire trip
    • Spotlight Award: spotlight people at random each month (small gift card), highlight what they do
    • Michelle: events should be nearby, short, and simple so more people can attend
    • Can we manage one small event a month? Should we partner with other Committees (Diversity, Staff Development, etc.)
    • Do something right before elections to help increase interest? Department goodie baskets?
  • Cheryl will send out links to other LSA webpages


  • Use it to highlight events, post spotlight awards, etc.
  • Was set up as a business account, created a page so we can be fanned
  • Roll out at an event and ask for suggestions?
  • Ask Andi Bartelstein to announce on the Library Facebook page

DCLSA Website

  • What is protected? What should be? (Financial data, minutes?)
  • Look at other sites
  • Should ask: Why should we make it available instead of why shouldn't we. What purpose does it serve?


  • Won't have a set meeting time. Tried, but some people can never make the third Wed 2-3:30.