January 20, 2010 word file

Cheryl Wheelock
Matt Agnoli
Marilyn Milham
David Sandberg
Goodie Corriveau
Jan Peltzer
Danada Dinsmore
Melissa Hutson

Old Business

  • December meeting minutes approved


  • Marianne Densmore is stepping down as the Social committee chair, Sylvia Wilcox and Joyce Thurston are also taking a break
    - No Social Committee at the moment
    - Next big event is the Spring Meeting in July
    - Cheryl will send out an e-mail asking for volunteers to staff/chair the committee
  • DHMC has a simulation lab with realistic rubber people used to teach students. Possible DCLSA Programs tour?
  • Should we have a Facebook page for the DCLSA? There are a lot of staff on there, the Library has a page
    - Who would “own” it? Marketing? Volunteer?
    - It works only if people contribute
    - How would it be different than the webpage? Could be more interactive, list upcoming events, get feedback on events, etc.
    - Library uses business settings, how is this different than personal? Restrictions?
  • The Council on Libraries (/~library/col/) is invited to the Holiday Party (approx. 20 members)
    - Not all are library staff
    - Past practice is to bill the Main Office to subsidize their meal since DCLSA covers the cost because they have been taken into account at the start when planning
    - This year the cost was $72
    - Main office is asking for an explanation of the bill for $72.
    - Called for a vote to discontinue billing library administration for COL invitees - unanimously passed.
    - Some members of the board are curious about who COL is.
    - As we form a new social committee, it will be good to have info on our webpage about who is invited to functions, etc.
  • Finally, gather information on how the DCLSA got started (when, why), list of past presidents, goals, etc. Put this on the website?

Marketing (Cheryl for Michelle Lee)

  • No report

Welfare (Goodie for Julie McIntyre)

  • 1 death acknowledged. Had 2 surgeries, but neither wanted the DCLSA to spend the money.

Program (Goodie)

  • Talked to Colleen Frakes about doing a presentation of her work, she is a graduate of the Center for Cartoon Studies.
    - Possible lunchtime during intersession (end of March)
    - Have her help with marketing? Draw posters?
  • HOP tour: 18 people still waiting, may not happen until summer

Scholarships (Danada)

  • Totals for this year so far: $1,449.95
    - Summer: 11; $819.95
    - Fall: 10; $514.00
    - Winter: 2; $120.00
  • Can turn in a form up until FY end in June, July 1st starts a new year
  • Mostly health and fitness, some for Diversity Reading Group, some academic

Web Committee

  • No news

Craft Fair Committee (Marilyn)

  • On hiatus for now
  • Need to get Top of the Hop booked for next Nov.
  • April: start talking to vendors
  • Also need to talk about what to add (more baked goods, raffle, etc.)

Treasurer's Report (Cheryl for Barb Bushor)

  • Credit Union accounts:
    - Savings: $2,056.39
    - Checking: $6,613.00
  • Dartmouth chart string account: $331.64
  • Upcoming expenses to plan for:
    - Potential retirements, Welfare, Scholarships
  • Other discussion points:
    • Assuming we receive out subvention from library administration at the beginning of the next fiscal year, add that amount to our current checking and savings balance and we will have a good amount of money. Need to analyze how we spend our money so we have enough saved for the unexpected, but not so much that money is accumulating. In the event of an audit, we will need to explain our practices.
    • Spend on staff (this needs to be a future agenda item):
      - Increase scholarship from $40? We will need to be able to sustain this.
      - Provide refreshments for staff meetings?
      - Offer more programs?
      - Awards Banquet, increase gift certificate amount?

Holiday Party Report

  • Blood's: $450.00 (lasagna and meatballs)
  • DDS: $490.48
  • $250 on paper supplies
  • $2.16 on postage
  • $1,193.14 total

Finance Committee Discussion

  • Do we need to form one now that we have spending guidelines?
  • Possible responsibilities: work with the Treasurer, record keeping, generate reports
  • Dave: should have an ongoing committee, he will head for now
    - Next two years will be difficult for the College
    - 3 people (not Treasurer)
    - Keep track of yearly expenses to compare years
    - VP a member during their VP year?
    - 2 year commitment, staggered for overlap to help new members?
  • Review finances on a regular basis, will give monthly report to meetings
  • Generate financial statements
  • Approve expenses over $120 (exceptions: scholarships don't need to be approved)
  • Going through the exercise of spending guidelines the past several months has been helpful to the newer members of the board. Members of the board who have been a part of the DCLSA for many years have all had the benefit of experience and have not really needed to articulate as much - there was an overall understanding of what is spent and when and on what
  • E-mail Dave if interested in joining, Cheryl will send out an announcement
  • Can someone be on the Finance Committee if on other committee(s)?
  • There needs to be a majority agreement on purchase approvals
  • E-mail sent to Board first, then Library wide
  • Other peer colleges DCLSA equivalent? How do they handle finances? Activities they offer?
  • This will be an advisory committee to provide information to help make decisions, we will have a better idea of what we have to spend, and will be useful to future members because it records the past
  • Vote: all agreed to form committee