December 10, 2009 word file

Cheryl Wheelock
Sylvia Wilcox
Goodie Corriveau
Jan Peltzer
Matt Agnoli
Karen MacPhee
Danelle Sweeney
Melissa Hutson

Old Business

  • November meeting minutes approved

Marketing Committee

  • No news

Welfare Committee (Cheryl for Julie McIntyre)

  • Two acknowledgements: 1 death, 1 illness

Programs (Goodie)

  • HOP needs to find someone to lead the backstage tour, still waiting for information


  • One since October for $40.

Web Committee (Karen)

  • We need to let Marcia know when something specifically needs to posted, she needs to know when is the right time to post different things
  • Authenticate for certain documents? Can do this, need to let Marcia know which ones

Treasurer (Sylvia for Barb Bushor)

  • Expenses since last meeting:
    - $260 cash for social committee paper products (Holiday Party)
    - Deposit of $1563.96 from craft fair

Craft Fair (Danelle, also see attached summary)

  • 31 volunteers total
  • Vendor fee raised from $10 to $25
  • Every item at the bake table sold
  • Have an event pre-fair to make stuff for the craft table?
  • Better way to market to students? Ask students what would be useful, we can always do more in marketing
  • Get more people to help out with planning or certain aspects such as: raffle (need someone to run it), signage, marketing, etc.
  • Ask vendors if they want to donate one item for a raffle
  • Music received positive comments

Social Committee (Sylvia)

  • Holiday Party:
    - Will have an actual lunch this year
    - Menu: DDS and Blood's catering: baked ham, alfredo vegetarian lasagna, Swedish meatballs, brandy glazed carrots, rolls. Coffee, tea, cocoa, punch, clementines and chocolate candies
    - We are under budget at this point
    - Not very many signed up to bring desserts
    - Should we get some veggie trays? Need to get paper products, coffee, and punch stuff
    - Cheryl: should ask volunteers what exactly they plan to bring so we know what else we need
    - Retirees invitations sent last week

Spending Guidelines Continued

  • Trimmed some suggested amounts to put money in contingency fund
  • Contingency: set aside to support other activities (for example, may need more Welfare one year)
    - Won't be cummulative

Breakroom Guidelines (also see attached guidelines)

  • Now have a written document, left general
  • Tangible items (not necessarily disposable)
    - Coffee pots, plates (non-disposable), not food...
  • Can't spend the money on just anything
  • Not cleaning supplies, originally you could??
    - Don't spend the money on that now
  • Form a committee to approve purchases so that it isn't the responsibility of the Treasurer?
    - Spending/Finance Committee? Cover all spending, not just breakrooms?
    - Get pressure off Treasurer for decisions
  • Need examples of tangible items in guidelines? “If any questions contact...” Don't want it to be seen as a list