November 12, 2009 word file


Cheryl Wheelock, Marilyn Milham, Barb Bushor, Danada Dinsmore, Colleen Frakes, Dave Sandberg, Joyce Thurston, Marianne Densmore, Karen MacPhee, Goodie Corriveau, Melissa Hutson (Recorder)

Old Business

  • October meeting minutes approved


  • Diversity Committee: Kwanzaa celebration Dec. 14th, 2-4pm
    - Food and film

Marketing Committee

  • No news, Cheryl will check in with Michelle

Welfare Committee (Goodie for Julie McIntyre)

  • No activity since last meeting
  • Julie needs mailing, street address (if different), and home phone number in order to have items delivered
  • Liaisons need to provide this information

Programs (Goodie)

  • 11/11: Photography of Cuba with Virginia Beahan, had 16 participants
  • Next: Part 2 of Backstage at the HOP, still no date, hoping for it to happen during intersession

Scholarships (Danada)

  • 6 health, 1 academic, approx. $440 total

Treasurer's Report (Barb)

  • Dartmouth College account: $982.54; Service checking: $6,130.98; Service savings: $2,063.66; $9,177.18 total.
  • From October through today: -$17.46 postage; -$440 scholarships; -$25.00 craft fair deposit refund; +$750.00 craft fair deposits
  • DC account: funds run through fiscal year, this is money we receive from the library. If we leave anything in, at the end of the year it gets taken back
  • Service checking: money left over goes here.
  • Service savings: need both to have an account at Service Credit Union

Craft Fair (Marilyn)

  • Have volunteers for throughout the day
  • Sent out posters to departments
  • Received responses for items to fill the bake sale table
  • Put posters up all over town, still need to do Hanover Co-op, Dan & Whit's
  • Started D2U advertising today, there will be another next week
  • Valley News, WNNE TV, will put an ad in The D for the day before
  • Mandolin player (college employee) volunteered to play

Social Committee (Marianne)

  • Invite mandolin player to play at the Holiday Party?
  • It will be Dec. 17th 12-2 in the 1902 room
  • Calls into caterers: Stinsons, Lyme Country Store
    - Hot ham/roast beef, side dishes, appetizers, ask staff to bring desserts, etc.
  • Will do another hat/mitten drive along with food drive (both people and pet)
  • Retirees list from main office for invitations
  • Used to send invitations to new employees (started within the last year) to promote DCLSA
  • Electronic invite from DCLSA President

Spending Guideline: $100 per breakroom (continued from last meeting)

  • Do we want to have money set aside for this?
  • Do we need guidelines for how the money is used, or should we be more flexible?
  • We should have something on the webpage describing this fund, like we do for the scholarships and welfare
  • Not everyone attends DCLSA events, but everyone likes having a breakroom
  • Guidelines should be sent to liaisons so they know the money is there
  • Barb: the fund was originally set for maintenance (maintenance = appliances in main staff room, no food)
    - Originally, the yearly money was given to us on the condition that we maintained the Baker kitchen
    - If we no longer need to do this, then the guidelines for breakrooms may have changed
    - We don't buy supplies for Baker now
  • Should we save the money for things that are harder for staff to bring in from home? We have an opportunity now to change things
  • Cheryl: prefer to spend the fund on tangible items
  • Barb: it was originally never intended that the money would be spent every year
    - The whole staff voted it in, may want to ask staff if we open up guidelines
  • No record of past policy, that is why we need guidelines now
  • Barb: never written a check for over $100, never had anything submitted for over $100
  • Topic to be continued...

Additional minutes taken by David Sandberg:

Cheryl reported small changes in the accounting - 57 dollars for an artist was pulled out of welfare and put in program line. Cheryl removed 2006-2007 from the record.

Question about authenticating certain documents we do not want to widely share. Decide in a later meeting about this.

Will find out from Marcia Pirone whether individual docs can be protected. We will ask her and then decide if it is necessary to do this.