October 8, 2009

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Spending Guidelines ; DCLSA 2009-2010 Goals


Goodie Corriveau, Jan Peltzer, Cheryl Wheelock, Michelle Lee, Dave Sandberg, Matt Agnoli, Danelle Sweeney, Sylvia Wilcox, Melissa Hutson (Recorder)

Old Business

  • August meeting minutes approved.


  • Dave Sandberg: Reminder about the Library Staff Diversity Book Group

Marketing Committee (Michelle Lee)

  • No new announcements
  • Are we having a Halloween Party?
  • Working with Rauner to archive DCLSA materials
  • Offered to make promotional materials for the upcoming craft fair

Craft Fair (Danelle Sweeney)

  • New space can fit 44 vendors and we are now full
  • Will need a volunteer to direct traffic that day
  • Advertise on D2U: can only run once a week

Social Committee (Sylvia Wilcox)

  • Awards Banquet: $340 gift certificates, $135 cups, $14.80 invitations, $1,117 caterer; $1744.87 total
  • Holiday Party? Need to continue the discussion

Program Committee (Goodie Corriveau)

  • HOP behind the scenes tour: way overbooked, took the first 15 people who signed up. Have another 18 interested, still waiting for a date that works from HOP contact (may be during inter-session?).
  • Virginia Beahan: Nov. 11th @ 11:30 in Starr: “Photographing the Landscape in Cuba”
    - Will look into getting a waiver so people can bring a lunch
    - Need to check with administration to see if it's ok for her to sell books
  • Halloween Party: Halloween is on a Saturday, dress up on Friday?
    - Last year had donuts, cider, and prizes, very simple

Treasurer's Report (Cheryl for Barb Bushor)

  • Welfare: $90 for memories of (two staff, mother's or mother-in-law); $75 for Rob Barry's retirement
  • Scholarships: from July-October 2 gave out a total of $855.95.
  • $25 reimbursement to a crafter (canceled table)
  • Took in $600 in craft fair deposits
  • Balance as of 10/8 is $6,120.98.

Spending Guidelines (Continued from August meeting)

  • Craft Fair: hard to know how much we will spend
    - No “rent” for Alumni Hall, but need to pay for tables and clean-up
    - Advertising costs?
    - Won't know income until after

    Came up with spending guidelines for the rest of the spreadsheet. Need to revisit all of the numbers to be sure that we are happy with them. Still need to talk about a contingency fund.
  • $100 per breakroom policy
    - Reserve for bigger items (i.e. microwaves, coffee makers, etc.) not really for dishsoap, silverware, etc.?
    - 6 breakrooms total
    - Do we contribute to cleaning supplies now?
    - Set up some guidelines (for example: non-consumables for the betterment of the breakroom)

    It seems that the consensus was not to come up with stricker guidelines
  • Next meeting: do we need to consider caps? How much should we retain in savings?