August 27, 2009 word file


Cheryl Wheelock, Barb Bushor, Jan Peltzer, Joyce Thurston, Danada Dinsmore, Julie McIntyre, Sylvia Wilcox, Dave Sandberg, Matt Agnoli, Marianne Densmore, Jamie Dalton, Michelle Lee, Goodie Corriveau, Marcia Pirone, Colleen Frakes, Melissa Hutson (Recorder)

July meeting minutes approved.

Introduction of new members: Jan Peltzer, Colleen Frakes, Matt Agnoli, and Dave Sandberg.

Web Committee (Marcia)

  • Added job descriptions under Constitution & Policies link
  • Board & Liaisons list also links to descriptions
  • Added pictures, password protected using Webauth so not linked on site yet

Programs (Goodie)

  • Working on backstage tour of Hopkins Center
  • Possible travelogue

Social Committee (Marianne)

  • Just did lemonade event, it went well. Cost was about $50.
  • Awards banquet:
    - Ordered 150 reusable plastic cups ($125)
    - 17 people are being honored
    - $340 for gift certificates (either Borders or Blue Sky)
    - Approx. $100 for paper products
    - Lou's catering $1,100 + cake
    - Approx. $1,500 total based on 125 staff for the menu
    - It will be September 10 in the 1902 Room, 12-2
    - Michelle printed the invitations, Bill Ghezzi will do certificates
    - Simple decorations

Scholarships (Danada)

  • 9 this summer for a total of $735.95
  • 5 were for $120

Welfare Committee (Julie)

  • 3 pending:
    - 2 short term disability
    - 1 death to acknowledge
  • Sometimes have to wait until the person comes back to work

Marketing (Michelle)

  • Invitations to Awards Banquet
  • Committee table at the Committees Make the Library Go Round
    - Wednesday Sept. 2, 12-2
    - Will add a stack of scholarship forms

Craft Fair (Cheryl for Danelle Sweeney)

  • 26 crafters have signed up and paid, room for 14 more
  • Need 12 volunteers for that day, 4-6 for cleanup
  • Signup sheet at DCLSA table on Sept. 2

Goals for the Upcoming Year

  1. Job descriptions: Done
  2. Spending guidelines:
    • We should know what we've spent in the past to help plan for future events
    • Don't have to spend entire $7,000 every year, move extra from college account to checking account
    • This is the first year we've budgeted money for Programming ($35 per event, 4 events a year). Money goes toward gift certificate for presenters
    • EBA's: change timing, lots of people on vacation trying to use up time
    • Spend more on Award's Banquet than on the Holiday Party? Holiday Party attendee numbers are dropping
      - Departments are doing their own thing, everyone is busy
      - People have requested a bigger Awards Banquet
    • Move Holiday Party to February? (Discuss this in the next meeting)
      - Price might be less and service might be better due to time of year
    • Ice Cream Social: only bought what we used (approx. $2.00 a person)

Next Meeting: Conversation about how much money we should try and hold on to every year