May 15, 2009 word file


Karen MacPhee, Danada Dinsmore, Marcia Pirone, Michelle Lee, Marianne Densmore, Melissa Hutson (Recorder)

Social Committee (Marianne)

  • Tuesday June 16th: EBA's lunch, representative from MFLB, etc. can order pizza to take back
    - add to tab, we pay for it at the end
    - simple poster in staff room (Michelle)
  • Spring Meeting: June 18th, 1902 Room
    - Ice cream? Ben & Jerry's set up everything, it's cheap and easy. Have outside after meeting?
  • Breakfast baskets? In July? Work with Goodie and programming?
  • Survey: people want more social events

Scholarships (Danada)

  • Three $40, one $120, all health and fitness
  • Most requests second week of July, gym membership renewal for the year

Website (Marcia)

  • Calendar is a Google calendar
  • Made minutes searchable, converted to HTML
  • Added blurbs on committees
  • Add photo album?
    - Scan old DCLSA photos?
    - Department photos?
  • Listserv option for Board and liaisons
    - Listserv can go to email or you can see posts through the website
  • Add a “Resources” page?
    - Links to other important information: employee discount info, After Hours program, volunteer opportunities, etc.
  • Contest to decide what picture to put on front page

Survey Results

  • People in favor of social events
  • Maybe work closer with Staff Development Committee to do more education suggestions
  • International potluck is a good idea
  • Summer Picnic
  • Sponsor a lunch
    - Use Baker Bowl (nice tables)
    - Have drink containers, cheap to fill
    - For example: every other Tuesday bring a lunch and socialize
    - Ask Brenda if there are issues with using this space
  • Next meeting, take ideas we really like and assign them to groups and people who want to do them
  • More advertising about who we are and what we do, there seems to be a little confusion