April 8, 2009 word file


Cheryl Wheelock, Karen MacPhee, Danelle Sweeney, Marilyn Milham, Goodie Corriveau, Barb Bushor, Marianne Densmore, Julie MacIntyre, Danada Dinsmore, Sylvia Wilcox, Marcia Pirone, Melissa Hutson (Recorder)

Old Business

  • February meeting minutes approved.

Craft Fair (Danelle, Marilyn)

  • Alumni Hall, no charge for room just charge for union guys to set-up and take down. Estimate about $200.00.
  • Going to Norwich to pick up tables adds $5-700.00 ($3.15 per table)
  • Still negotiating, some vendors have their own tables and do their own set-up, try to reduce cost of table estimate.
  • Other issues: need to ok food (bake sale stuff) with the Hanover Inn since the whole building is catered by the Inn
  • Better space than Collis, better signage, can fir 44 tables which equals more vendors
  • Collis = $620.00 and is still tentatively booked
  • Last year after expenses took in approx. $1800.00 with approx. $500.00 coming from the raffle

Social Committee (Sylvia, Marianne)

  • Options:
    - Baskets of muffins, donuts? Been done before, needs to be better organized
    - Save $ for awards banquet
    - EBA's again? Yes, also send pizzas to MFLB and others. Need to pick a day, classes end June 9th.
  • Spring Meeting June 18th.

Treasurer's Report (Barb)

  • 602.15 in college account, $1438.57 in checking, $4055.51 in savings (approx. $6041.00)
  • Still getting $7000.00 July 1st.
  • Survey: how to spend money, what does staff want?
    • Whatever we offer, person has to get permission from manager to attend functions, need to be aware of this.
    • Danada: team up with Staff Development to buy books for reading groups? No, advertise that this is what we already do through the scholarship fund (if an individual needs a book)

Scholarships (Danada)

  • Advertise what it covers better
  • 5 fall: 4 athletic, 1 academic
  • 1 spring
  • Should come up with a rough budget at some point just to know how much goes out

Welfare Committee (Julie)

  • 1 family death, 1 staff illness

Program Committee (Goodie)

  • Baseball game, regular season home games mostly free
  • Tuesday April 28th playing Hartford, first week of May possibly hosting the Ivy League Championships

Web Committee (Marcia)

  • Nothing to report

Elections (Cheryl)

  • Link fixed to access results and nominations
  • Ask for help on nominating committee
  • Member at Large for 1 year, two others expiring

Staff Departure Policy Review

  • DCLSA can donate $ to a party but don't plan (responsibility of department)
  • Not everyone is aware of this or asking for it, how to make it more well known?
  • Get list from HR, wait for liaison to ask?
    • Some people don't want a party
    • Can someone other than department request the $? Right now it's completely up to the department
    • Leaving may not always be friendly/happy
  • Responsibility of Board to follow up? Ok for DCLSA to offer help?
  • Should we educate the liaisons better? Supply a fact sheet on what liaison does and make sure they know what they do? May put liaisons in a difficult position as it is more the responsibility of department manager to decide to have a party or get a gift
  • Does it always have to be initiated from the department?
  • Are there confidentiality issues with Brenda Delaney letting us know when someone is leaving? (Brenda is on the Board)
  • Can we contact person who is leaving, ask if they want a gift?
  • Policy is set up for the department to do something, so we should educate managers and leave it up to the department head
  • May not be politically correct to be involved with someone outside of department decision.
  • Make Lora Thompson aware of policy so she can share it with managers and let them know this option is available.