February 26, 2009 word file


Danelle Sweeney, Marcia Pirone, Danada Dinsmore, Karen Welch, Joyce Thurston, Marilyn Milham, Barbara Bushor, Sylvia Wilcox, Michelle Lee, Karen MacPhee, Patricia Morris, Goodie Corriveau (Recorder)

Follow-up discussion regarding whether or not the DCLSA should take over providing refreshments for all-staff meetings, now that the Main Office has discontinued doing it. According to information provided by Marianne Densmore of the social committee, cost would be approximately $500.00 per meeting if catered by Lou’s, for an annual cost of $2,000.00. Vote: Majority oppose assuming duties for providing refreshments, pending final results of “survey-monkey” on the topic.

Treasurer's Report

Barb Bushor. $602.98 balance in Dartmouth College account, $1,783.57 in checking account, $4,051.57 in savings account. Some funds still to be paid out for January and February expenses. Year to date: $1,000.00 has been paid out for scholarships. Profit from craft fair: $1,800.00, including approximately $500.00 from raffle and LSA table at fair. Need to keep $100.00 per library for their maintenance funds (DCLSA responsibility).

Social Committee

Reported by Sylvia Wilcox. Cost of Holiday Party: $2,282.11, including $1,776.00 to caterer and about $500.00 to BJ’s for paper products and hors d’oeuvres. Social committee worked very hard under incredibly difficult circumstances… since the stove in the break-room was barely functioning. Consensus: 1902 Room worked well as new venue for party.

Scholarship committee

Danada Densmore. Six health and fitness scholarships awarded since November Executive Board meeting.

Program Committee

Goodie Corriveau. Some sort of campus tour will be offered during inter-session between spring and summer terms.

Marketing Committee

Michelle Lee: No activity.

Welfare Committee

Goodie Corriveau on behalf of Julie McIntyre: Acknowledged two surgeries, one illness, a birth, and two bereavements, with one bouquet, one plant, three dish gardens, and a contribution to the Vermont Chapter of the American Cancer Society.

Web sub-committee

Marcia and Michelle provided a handout and reported on proposed new DCLSA website. Progress has been interrupted by loss of Mary LaMarca. Committee will be working with other members of the Library Web Group to further goals. Took suggestions for additions to website; would be funneled through webmaster.

DCLSA position descriptions

Karen MacPhee reporting: Cheryl Wheelock is in charge of updating. Goal: generate current descriptions and guidance on how to fill positions. Karen is assisting.

Upcoming elections

May 13th; new board officially begins serving as of July 1. Discussion re: how definitive should the position descriptions be? Need to provide ample info, but with enough flexibility so that nominees won’t be too reluctant to serve.

Update on food/clothing drive

Karen MacPhee received some thank-you notes; will post to website. Activities have ceased for now. Board will revisit question of reviving the drive before next holiday season.

#5 item on agenda (reviewing status of goals)

discussion postponed.

Ideas for proposed staff survey

questions will involve how L.S.A. funds should be spent. Will be prefaced by mission statement. Suggested by treasurer in response to remarks from some staff regarding what they view as unnecessary spending. Reminder: L.S.A. funds are NOT coming out of same “pot” as compensation.

Date/time/venue for Fall Awards Ceremony

will be on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday during the second or third week of September (before fall term begins). TBD at next LSA Executive Board meeting.

Spring event planning

EBA’s luncheon is popular; we have adequate funds to do it again during intersession between spring and summer terms. Proposal: arrange for coverage of public service desks so that all staff can attend. Date tbd at next meeting. Shall we do something additional in spring? Michelle and Barb Bushor will price a few options (May baskets, flowers, baskets of muffins, etc.) and report back.

Meeting was adjourned.