December 5, 2008 word file


Joyce Thurston, Sylvia Wilcox, Danada Dinsmore, Karen MacPhee, Marcia Pirone, Goodie Corriveau, Marianne Densmore, Michelle Lee, Melissa Hutson(Recorder)

Old Business

  • October meeting minutes approved


  • Balance of $6,000
  • Approx. $1,600 from craft fair
  • $800 in Dartmouth account
  • Ask the staff what they think the money should be spent on

Craft Fair

  • Barb Krieger will be stepping down as the chair, will help with the transition to a new chair

Welfare Committee (Goodie Corriveau)

  • No activity

Programs Committee (Goodie Corriveau)

  • Halloween: good attendance, low number of costumes
  • Raffle: brought in approx. $450, the only expense was the $35 in gas cards
  • Holiday Party: do we want live music?
    - Dan Weintraub is willing to perform
    - Anyone else? Do we want more live music?
    - We could make it impromptu, also have a stereo with CD's

Scholarships (Danada Dinsmore)

  • Fall: 5 total, 4 health and 1 academic, $160 total

Marketing (Michelle Lee)

  • Committee is all set up and ready to market events
  • Posters for DCLSA survey (what to spend money on)?
  • Scholarship fund? Too much marketing and we'll run out of money

Website Committee (Marcia Pirone)

  • Meeting next week
  • Keeping current site updated

Social Committee (Sylvia Wilcox)

  • Have a caterer for Holiday Party: Duck Soup in Canaan
  • Supplement with stuff from BJ's, more substantial food than appetizers
  • Send out sign up sheet for staff to bring food
  • Need help cleaning (3:00-4:00), set up, decorations (9:00-11:00)
  • Using decorations from past years
  • Beverages: punch, hot cocoa, tea, coffee
  • Trying to keep budget at $2,000 or less
  • Poster for each department? Bill Ghezzi can print on our color printer
  • Food drive: going well, Claremont school district needs hats, mittens
    - 22 pet items and 40 people items so far
    - Positive feedback received
    - Some grey areas: who to donate to can be an issue. Our clothing and food drive is very benign, making it easy for people to give. We're not making it mandatory and we're distributing all over.
    - Put this issue on our survey?
    - Marianne is keeping count of donated items, will display info at Holiday Party


  • Wait until spring to distribute to staff
  • Send out for feedback before voting on


  • Another raffle if we do EBA's again next year