October 29, 2008 word file


Jamie Dalton, Cheryl Wheelock, Brenda Delaney, Barb Krieger, Goodie Corriveau, Michelle Lee, Marianne Densmore, Lisa Maxfield, Melissa Hutson (Recorder)

Old Business

  • September minutes approved

Craft Committee (Barb Krieger)

  • DCLSA Archives: few files dealing with the organization and planning (getting started)
    - Minimal flyers, posters, bulk equals meeting minutes
    - Earliest stuff from 1950's
  • Combine bake and craft table, one table should be plenty
  • Drop off stuff that morning or give to Marianne the night before
  • Advertised on Valley News and Spectator web calendars, VOX, Dartmouth events, It's Classified, will add to D2U
  • Anonymous donor paid Collis fee ($420)

Social Committee (Marianne Densmore)

  • Holiday Party will be Dec. 17th or 18th
  • Budget? What is it?
  • Suggestions for the event?
    - Tower Room: less conducive to socializing and eating
    - 1902 is an option, can we move tables?

Programs (Goodie Corriveau)

  • Raffle is moving along, tickets are made and distributed
  • Halloween get together: need help with refreshments
    - Michelle volunteered to make a cake
  • Judges and prizes?
    - Ballot?
    - Lindt chocolate? $5 Dirt Cowboy gift card?
    - Three categories: funny, scary, unique

Welfare (Goodie for Julie McIntyre)

  • 3 flowers: 1 death, 2 births

Marketing (Michelle Lee)

  • Nothing new to report
  • Michelle did the design for the raffle poster
  • Can we get a Wiki? Ask Web Committee if that would work better than a website.

Holiday Party

  • Budget? Look at last year, talk to Barb Bushor
  • Venue: Tower Room not ideal?
    - Crowded, seating not ideal
  • Lunch instead of finger foods? More real food rather than sweets.
  • Afternoon with appetizers and desserts? Lean toward lighter fare/appetizers, much easier to deal with both set-up and budget wise
  • Later in the day is nice
  • Novak is an option, has nice round tables, but big
  • 1902: can't move tables
  • Final opinion: Tower Room, late afternoon, staff donate desserts, appetizers from Co-op or somewhere
  • More ideas: hire a student to “cater”? Pay them to help out with drinks and food
    - light music in background? Ask Dan Weintraub (speakers)
    - Set up food in different areas instead of one central location
    - Usually too hot, bring in fans? Windows do open, ask Wendell if there is a way to regulate heat
    - Needs more Holiday spirit: ornament swap, mitten tree, humane society donations?