September 24, 2008 word file


Cheryl Wheelock, Goodie Corriveau, Danada Dinsmore, Pat Morris, Joyce Thurston, Sylvia Wilcox, Michelle Lee, Melissa Hutson (Recorder)

Old Business

  • August meeting minutes approved

Treasurer Report (Joyce Thurston for Barb Bushor)

  • $600 left in our account
  • $6500 new for the coming year. Goes to: Holiday party, craft fair, awards, scholarships, and Spring event.
  • Switched account from Ledyard to the credit union at the hospital. Ledyard started charging $12 a month.

Social Committee (Sylvia Wilcox)

  • Awards banquet went well
  • Spent $1253 on food (Co-op), $366 frames, gift certificates, paper products, and drinks, $60 on decorations
  • Holiday Party is next, no plans so far, Brenda has booked the Tower Room for December 18th (Thurs. week before break).
    - Desserts or a meal?
    - Catered by Co-op? Light meal and have people bring desserts?
    - Cheryl will e-mail board and liaisons for opinions.

Program Committee (Goodie Corriveau)

  • There was no Summer tour
  • Raffle: ask liaisons to sell tickets in their departments?
    - Drawing will be at the Craft Fair, 1st prize: $50 Blue Sky gift card, 2nd prize: $35 gas card, 3rd prize: L.L. Bean tote.
    - Tickets: $1 each, 6 for $5.
  • Halloween Party? (Halloween is on a Friday this year)
    - Provide small refreshments
    - Costume contest?
    - Hold in staff break room around 11:00am.

Scholarships (Danada Dinsmore)

  • 8 total for Summer, 2 for Fall (both $40), all for health & fitness

Welfare (Goodie Corriveau for Julie McIntyre)

  • 2 bouquets: 1 birth and 1 death

Craft Fair (Cheryl Wheelock for Barb Kreiger)

  • 27 people signed up, mostly returning vendors
  • 2 tables set aside for DCLSA
  • Will have posters ready by the end of October, will need volunteers as the day gets closer
  • Fair is Friday November 21, 10:00-4:00

Marketing (Michelle Lee)

  • DCLSA archives in Rauner?
  • Mailed invitations to retirees and awardees for awards banquet

Website Committee (Michelle Lee)

  • Has not met yet

Breakroom Update

  • DCLSA to take a cleaning rotation as well? Survey 8:7 no.
    - Already clean up after ourselves when we use it for DCLSA events
  • Hasn't been cleaned by FO&M in a long time, seen as personal space
  • Equitable issue of distribution between departments vs. # of people in each department
  • Need support of department heads to make this happen
  • Library staff voted to stop cleaning, so it is no longer DCLSA's responsibility to make sure it's done
  • Touch base with Brenda, waiting for new “official list” (Access Services was listed three times, now listed once)
  • Pay someone to clean again, but less, $30/month instead of $60? Check it once a month?
  • Re-visit at the end of the year and bring up at Spring Meeting again?

Goals (Cheryl Wheelock)

  • Constitution almost done
  • Job descriptions: can proceed without Karen MacPhee and get info from people on board
  • Coordinate with other programs (After Hours, etc.)?
    - No, do our own thing
  • Goals coming along nicely, proceed further when Karen returns, start thinking about job descriptions, no timeline to get it done.

President Position

  • December: both Cheryl and Karen out
    - How to fill Karen's responsibilities while she's out
    - Constitution: VP shall officiate, but what if both are out?
  • Karen (e-mail): fill temporary position like we would a permanent one?
  • Past President to step in after VP?
    - Seems to be the best option, person is already familiar
    - If no past President, default to executive board?