August 22, 2008 word file


Cheryl Wheelock, Danada Dinsmore, Brenda Delaney, Joyce Thurston, Sylvia Wilcox, Lisa Maxfield, Melissa Hutson(Recorder)

Old Business

  • Meeting minutes from July approved with the following changes:
    * Danada is not writing all of the DCLSA “job description”
    * May have each member write their own description of what they do

Treasurer (Joyce Thurston)

  • $2500.00 in account now, need to save some for scholarship fund
  • $15-1600.00 needed for awards banquet
  • Barb Bushor is coming back to work on August 28

Social (Sylvia Wilcox)

  • Co-op catered awards banquet last year, should have a quote for this year by this morning
  • Changing menu slightly this year, last year there were too many wraps and not enough salad (planned for 125 people), this year less wraps & more salad
  • Need to add tables for food to 1902 room
  • 15 awards being given out
  • Holiday Party: no room reserved yet (was on Dec. 13th last year)
    - work with Marianne Densmore to figure out a date
    - keep it in the Tower Room? Thurs. Dec. 12th? (Too close to All-Staff Meeting?)

Scholarships (Danada Dinsmore)

  • Summer: 6 total, all health & fitness.
  • 3 for $40, 2 for $120, 1 for just under $40, total approximately $280.

Marketing (Cheryl Wheelock)

  • Michelle Lee is sending out personal invites to awardees
  • Will make posters to advertise the event, put in satellite libraries as well

Constitution Revisions

  • Done by Cheryl Wheelock, Karen MacPhee, Danada Dinsmore. Lisa Ladd helped with input.
  • Handed out in meeting, left column is old constitution (red = deleted words), right column is new constitution (green = added wording)
  • Suggestions welcome
  • Will be voted on eventually

Baker Berry Staff Kitchen (brought up by Brenda Delaney)

  • Kitchen is still an issue, especially the fridge and freezer
  • Cherie Burns is still working on a cleaning schedule, but departments haven't been open to the ideas, departments don't want to be responsible
  • Suggest get kitchen cleaned, then hand over to department rotations
  • Post schedule and checklist in kitchen
  • Instead of $720 to clean kitchen, spend a little as a thank you? (might turn into a whole other mess)
  • Lock for a couple cupboards for DCLSA stuff?